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Wrath Of Retcon

Dawsonella and Dain'ta creep through the ship as Dawsonella reports that she's disabled the internal sensors: "It should be some time before anyone notices that one of the escape pods is missing." Escape pods? ESCAPE PODS?! Klingons don't have ESCAPE PODS! They'd prefer to die aboard an exploding ship -- escape pods have no honor! Dain'ta gets into one of the honorless escape pods and warns Dawsonella to be careful. He slobbers kisses all over her hands.

The honorless escape pod launches from the ship and flies backwards.

Hoshi picks up a faint beacon.

Inside his honorless escape pod, Dain'ta hears clanging and banging on the outside. He looks around in confusion. The escape pod jolts around. More clanging, and then Quantum opens the door. He's all angry and shit. "Captain, what took you so long?" Dain'ta asks. Reed rolls his eyes.

In the Brig -- oh, my god, I am so sick of the Brig! -- Dain'ta paces. Quantum enters. Countdown to neck grab...now. "You have to alter you --!" Dain'ta starts to shout. Quantum holds up his hand and clicks the comm button. Okay, and that was all about what, exactly? Dain'ta says they have to alter their course, "My childr-- the Khannabees are planning to attack a Klingon colony." See, because they have so fallen from grace, he can't call them his children anymore. He's disassociating himself with the murderous progeny he brought forth. Things like that are just so complex that I wouldn't have realized it if they hadn't made it so patently obvious. For some reason that surpasses understanding, Quantum cares more about what Dain'ta was doing in the honorless escape pod. "What do you think? I was waiting for you -- you're the only ones who can stop them!" Dain'ta yells. Quantum doesn't look like he believes him. Daint'a snorts, "I didn't come back because I missed our lively debates -- please, please, you have to do what I ask!" Quantum, the dumbass, still doesn't believe him and thinks Dain'ta put himself in the honorless escape pod to distract Enterprise from their course. Shut up, Quantum. Dain'ta says that if the Klingons attack Earth it will make the Xindi incident look like a lovers' quarrel. Yeah, sure it will. If the Klingons have a planet-vaporizing weapon that they could only have constructed with certain genius minds and help from beings from another dimension. Dain'ta, you weaken your argument with your two-dimensional thinking. Quantum pffts Dain'ta's tales of Earth: The Final Khanflict and goes to leave. Dain'ta stops him in his tracks by yelling at him to contact Cold Station 12, where he will learn about all those viruses being abducted. Quantum tosses his head that Dr. Lucas already updated him on that. Okay, if that's so, isn't Quantum worried about what happened to those germs? Because he's being quite cavalier about it. Dain'ta tells him that Mullet stole them and is going to use them on the colony. Quantum just stares at him. "You saw what he did on the colony -- you know what he's capable of!" Dain'ta yells. Quantum muses that Dain'ta had to watch Mullet killing someone in front of him before he knew the depths of his ugly heart. Dain'ta whines that if only he had been there for them, if Starfleet hadn't locked him away, all this could have be altered. Quantum reminds Dain'ta that the Khannabees were engineered to be exactly what they are. Yeah, yeah, nature vs. nurture. Move it along. "'Superior ability equals superior ambition' -- one of their creators wrote that. He was murdered by a Khannabee," quoth the Quantum.

In Trip's Ready Room. Trip, T'Pol, and Quantum discuss their course of action. In my place, we all discuss how much food it's going to take for T'Pol to look normal again. I think the words "not with all the rice in China" were uttered. T'Pol thinks it could be a trap, and Trip thinks that at the high speed they need to intercept the Khannabees before they reach the colony, they might not be able to fool the Klingons with their phony warp signature. "Do what you have to do," is Quantum's sage advice as he stubbornly resists the urge to go to his Weight of the World Window.

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