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Wrath Of Retcon

After the Klingons fire on Enterprise, Quantum tells the Klingon captain that if they don't get to the Bird of Prey, millions on the colony will die. Klingon captain isn't disposed to believe him. Dain'ta steps into to speak Klingon and says that Quantum and his qrew are jelly doughnuts and should be allowed on their way. Hoshi smiles, perhaps because her dialect might have translated Dain'ta calling the crew "honorable." The Klingons don't care one way or the other and continue to blast the ship. Quantum drops the ship out of warp and when the Klingon ship does as well, he deploys the grappler and goes ahead at full impulse while still connected to the Klingon ship by way of the grappler. Stuff on the Klingon ship explodes, and I'm confused as to what just happened. "I think he ripped them a new one, basically," the Evil Dr. Mathra responds. Now I'm even more confused, because that means Quantum did something cool. T'Pol reports that the Klingons can't get their warp up. Maybe they should try Viagra? Enterprise takes off.

Khannabees. Mullet shows them a graphic of the Klingon planet. It's just like the Genesis planet graphic, although, considering what they intend to do to it, I guess it's the Revelations planet. Mullet explains how and where they will launch the anti-Genesis device to ensure maximum death. A Khannabee announces the approach of Enterprise. Mullet gives orders and when Khannabenigma protests, Mullet yells, "Do as I say!" and throws himself in the captain's chair all "It's tough to be the king, especially when I'm so ill-favored that I might as well be the piss boy!"

Enterprise. Trip comms, "If we go any faster the nacelles are going to fly off the pylons!" Well, fly them off, then! Since they still aren't close enough, Trip realizes he's going to have to try harder.

The Bird of Prey drops out of warp and goes into low orbit.

T'Pol reports that the Khannabees are getting ready to fire. Reed readies their weapons as May-It's-Like-That prepares to drop them out of warp as close as he can.

Khannabees. Mullet orders to fire. They fire. The germ torpedoes zing toward the planet.

Enterprise drops out of warp, and T'Pol reports that the weapon will reach the atmosphere in ten seconds. "Malcolm," Quantum orders. Malcolm nods. He fires three shots. The shots catch up to and destroy the Khannabees weapon in an awesome exploding halo effect. Does someone want to explain to me just when their aim got so good? Quantum orders them hard about.


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