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Stormship Troopers

On the Bridge, the Storm Troopers wonder irritably about the course change.

Reed and T'Pol report back that they're having problems shutting down the reactor. "I don' mean t'rush yew, but it's gettin' pretty warm in here," Trip tells them. You're from Florida -- deal with it.

More firefighting in the galley, and there go the Vidalia onions.

Bridge. The aliens discover that Quantum is steering them into a plasma eddy, and they have less than eight minutes to do something about it. Since they still don't have helm control, Storm Trooper Rowcliff thinks they should evacuate, but Head Storm Trooper is very much against that.

Trip and May-Backwater sweat it out on the Storm Bridge, and Trip asks how Reed and T'Pol are getting along saving everyone from getting severe tans. T'Pol reports that they're disabling the final sequencer. The warp core shuts down.

Bridge. Storm Trooper Rowcliff reports this latest snag, and another Storm Trooper reports they're four minutes from the plasma eddy.

Galley. A LeCruset pan falls on Quantum's head. Good thing his furrows protected him.

At long last, Head Storm Trooper orders all his men to abandon the mission.

Desert Storm Bridge. T'Pol and Reed return. "We're too close to the eddy," May-Backward tells the Subcommander, "we've got to veer off." T'Pol orders him to maintain his course. The alien ship undocks from Enterprise and flies away. The ship retches. "Another one like that could split us in two," Trip gripes. "They could still be on board," T'Pol tells him. May-Backbone complains again about the danger, death, and destruction. "Maintain your course -- that's an order!" T'Pol orders. Quantum beeps wryly in to say, "Travis, I hope you're not still heading for that eddy. Our friends are gone." You're annoying. "Ensign," is all T'Pol says. May-Backula steers them out of danger and gets a relieved shoulder grip from Malcolm. Aw, that was a nice moment there.

Quantum logs that they are nearly free of Feather Boa Harry: "The crew's in relatively good spirits considering they haven't had a change of uniform in eight days." Does T'Pol even have a change of uniform? Does she have a dozen of those industrial carpet catsuits hanging in her closet? As Quantum logs this, we get a shot of the qrew all gathered in one place, watching a western. Even T'Pol's there. As they watch, Trip mutters to Malcolm, "Did that guy jest shoot his own men?" "It's hard to tell them apart in those ridiculous hats," Reed recaps. "The dead man was secretly working for Sheriff Boggs," T'Pol informs them. Reed and Trip squint at her. "Isn't it obvious?" T'Pol wonders. I liked the way she delivered that line -- as if she were sincerely asking if no one else noticed how obvious the plot was. Not at all as though she were trying to be supercilious. Seriously. I'm really being sincere. Reed and Trip shrug in wonder. Quantum beeps in to tell everyone that they can go back to their quarters in a few minutes. After his lecture to T'Pol about fraternizing with the rest of the qrew, he's too good to watch a movie with them? The qrew applauds, cheers, and goes to pack up their sweat and dirt. "Glad yew culd join us, Subcommander. We have movie night ev'ry Tuesday if yer innerested," Trip invites her. That's a coincidence -- we usually have Pull Your Hair Out Night every Wednesday. If yer innerested. If T'Pol goes, I'm willing to bet Trip fakes a stretch so he can put his arm around her.

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