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I Left My Communicator In San Francisco
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How did I feel about this episode? Just "meh." I didn't whip myself up into too much of a frenzy over any particular thing, the threatening aliens weren't, Trip's Invisible Limb elicited a slight smile out of me, Malcolm "I" Peed got a haircut, and there weren't any Vulcan hysterics, so it was bearable. I mean, if you overlook the fact that "A Piece Of The Action" already did this, I guess it was an original story treatment. Although I'm dangerously close to turning into a broken record each time I admit that. All in all, I can definitely say it was slightly more amusing than your average Annual Actuarial Banquet. Oh, who am I kidding? This episode bored me right out of my door, down the steps, and into heavy traffic.

Sh'pod returns to the Mother Ship, and Hoshi, Reed, and Quantum congratulate one another on a mission well accomplished. They are wearing alien duds and alien prosthetics -- it seems the culture they visited had speckled butts for foreheads. Reed geeks out about the architecture of the place they visited, and I notice that he got a haircut to make him look like our friend Nate. 'Course, Nate doesn't kiss tortured goodbye by wearing the latest in Revlon's Liquid Lip, but the similarity is there all the same. In Decon, the three studiously peel off their latex spots and Cro-Magnon brows -- Quantum even hands around what looks like Stridex pads, and they stuff their used latex (ew!) into some sort of receptacle -- and I think, "What a nice touch that is -- kudos to the writers." Wow. I think I need some wine to steady myself after that admission. Reed begs to write the mission report to Starfleet, since he's just gotten his first go at visiting a pre-warp culture, and Hoshi comments, "I don't suppose it has anything to do with the tactical situation down there?" The three chuckle over Reed's transparent brown nose, and Phlox pronounces them cootie-free. They exit Decon, enter the changing room, and put their phasers, communicators, and tricorders in one of those trays you put your keys and cell phone in when going through the metal detector Gestapo at airports. Of course, at Logan, it's more of a metal detector Swiss cheese. Hoshi and Reed discuss the situation at a political rally they were present for. "His speech reminded me of Winston Churchill before the Second World War," Reed says, before grabbing at himself anxiously. Malcolm, you're not alone -- don't do that here. Quantum wonders what his deal is, and Reed admits to thinking he left his communicator on the planet. Don't worry, bud -- I'm sure there's nothing to fear but fear itself. Or something about the location of your communicator being wrapped in a plot inside a storyline already done thirty-some years ago.

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