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In Sonar, No One Can Hear You. Period.

Sh'pod. May-Blustery-Day reports issues with the sh'pod, while Reed has a bit of a freak-out in the back with a case. I think he broke a nail. "Lieutenant?' T'Pol asks. "I'm all right! I'm fine!" Reed hissyfits, rocking back and forth. "Maybe that's the problem!" Reed goes on. "Maybe we're getting a bit! Too! Comfortable with losing people! Twenty-three men and women." Reed continues like this for a bit until finally May-Blustery-Day looks away in embarrassment and T'Pol goes back to comfort him with, "There's a Vulcan axiom --" "Only Nixon could go to China?" the Evil Dr. Mathra asks, hopefully. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few," T'Pol says. "Or the one," I finish, turning the anvil down to a simmer. T'Pol explains that Uh-Oh Dead Stripe understood that. "That doesn't make his death any more acceptable!" Reed bites. "No," T'Pol agrees, "but it does make it honorable." Reed looks up to make sure she hasn't sprouted a cranial ridge and a craving for targ.

Xindi of the Round Table. Lots of shouting. Dolum admits -- with pride -- to murdering Degra and regrets not doing it sooner. Dolum announces that they have taken control of Mega Maid and they're going to launch it. "And you accuse Degra of being a traitor?" Mr. Man shouts. Bug House interrupts to say that they're acting on the behalf of Xindikind. "Either you stand with us or you stand against us," Dolum says. More shouting. The Aquamen, Three-Toes, and Mr. Men will not submit to intimidation. Bug House and Snake Eyes announce that they're withdrawing from the Round Table. More argument about civil war. Mr. Man points out that Mega Maid can't be launched without three of the codes, and Dolum only has two. "Do you really believe we haven't considered that?" Dolum asks. He's got the Enigma machine hidden under his scales.

Engineering. Trip can only get them up to warp three-point-four, and says they aren't ready for combat. "That hasn't stopped us in the past," Quantum says. Trip says, "I can't believe I actually feel bad about Degra. Twenty-four hours ago I would've been celebrating." Quantum stops walking and furrows, "A lot can happen in a day." Deep, man, deep. Hoshi comms that five Bug House ships are descending toward the surface.

We get a look at the snow-covered surface of the planet. Snow blows and a door on the surface opens and the Mega Maid launches, flanked by ships. It even leaves a Mega Maid impression in the snow behind it. Cool.

Bridge. Hoshi reports what we just saw. Quantum orders pursuit. Mr. Man comms that the Bug Houses and Snake Eyes have taken control of Mega Maid, and he's ordered all available ships to intercept.

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