The Council

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In Sonar, No One Can Hear You. Period.

Sh'pod. T'Pol seems to be looking at codes. "I hope there's something in there you can use," Reed says. "Most definitely," she responds. May-Blustery-Day announces that a bunch of ships are leaving the surface, one of them is Enterprise, and he's detecting weapons fire.

Bridge. Stuff explodes. The sh'pod comms, and Quantum orders Hoshi to tell them to stay put: "We'll come back for them when we can." Explosions. Firefight in the sky. Mr. Man tells them where they should concentrate their weapons fire on the Mega Maid.

Snake Eyes ship. Dolum tells them to forget the others and target Enterprise.

One of Enterprise's nacelles flickers out.

Snake Eyes ship. "Get the female!" Dolum orders.

Bridge. Hoshi is beamed away. Duuuude! "Hooo-shi!" calls Quantum.

Snake Eyes ship. Dolum orders them into the vortex.

Mega Maid and her escorts disappear.

Bridge. "We've lost them, sir," some random says, as Quantum stares at Hoshi's empty chair.

Next week: Hoshi is tortured, Uh-Oh Hayes is shot at just as he beams out, and a church choir will be providing the music.

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