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In Sonar, No One Can Hear You. Period.

Enterprise. Trip gives a status report on the warp core -- they're far from being one hundred percent operational. Degra enters and says that they have the three votes they need: Snake Eyes have agreed to postpone the launch of the Mega Maid. Trip looks stunned. Quantum walks over to stand next to him. Aw, that was probably just so they could both be in the next shot, but it seemed so sweet. Still, too little, too late, buddy. Degra admits, "They'll need more convincing before they solidify their position, but this is a significant step. That future you spoke of [Degra puts out his hand], perhaps this is where that begins." Quantum solemnly takes Degra's hand. "Question," Trip interrupts from the background, struggling not to cry and having a hard time looking Degra in the face. "Those portable power cells you left us -- we're having a li'l trubble gettin' them in sync." That's because you KICKED THEM! Trip asks Degra to "hang around" and help him get them fixed. Degra agrees, "Of course." Quantum and the other Mr. Man leave. Trip takes the time to sort of apologize for everything he's said to Degra, and also to acknowledge that Degra went out on a limb for them. "If I'd suffered your loss, I'd feel the same way," Degra rasps. They get to work. Together. This is exactly where I knew Degra wasn't long for this world. Trip had made his peace with him, Degra had done his part at the Round Table, and he still had one really pissed-off Snake Eyes out for his blood. If you tell a story about a Snake Eyes eating his grandson in the first act, you have to make good on it by the end.

Council Rock. Degra sits in a room and works. His door buzzes. "Come in," Degra calls. The door opens, but we're still on Degra's face. Degra swallows nervously, "I wasn't expecting you." The shadow of Coolio hair falls on Degra's face, so we know it's a Snake Eyes. Dolum says they have things to discuss. He shuts the door and paces around the room. He says he's never liked "this place." Degra counters that he finds it peaceful. "It's too exposed -- Reptilians prefer to be near the ground," Dolum explains. "And then there's the stench." "'Stench'?" Degra asks. Dolum stands in front of the Birdman of Xinditraz weird skull shrine and says, "Of failure. Of a race that failed to survive." Of a gruesome and unclean shrine. Degra admits to being surprised by Dolum's reversal of opinion at the Round Table. Dolum thinks it was the right thing to do, and that the other Xindi will fall in line since they all want unification. Blah, blah, blah -- can we get to the killing already? Dolum comes right out tells Degra that he knows he was the one who destroyed the Snake Eyes ship a few weeks ago. "They left me no choice," Degra says. "And you've left me no choice!" Dolum says, and stabs Degra. No biting? No venom sacks? Disappointed. "The crew on that ship are the last Xindi you'll ever betray!" Dolum says, and rips the knife through Degra's gut. Degra bleeds from the mouth. "When the humans have been eliminated, when the Council has been replaced by Reptilian rule, I am going to find your wife and children and do the same to them!" He yanks the bloody knife out of Degra and shows it to him. "Your traitorous bloodline will end at the tip of my blade!" He seems very Klingon, right down to tip of his ridged knife.

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