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In Sonar, No One Can Hear You. Period.
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Previously on Enterprise, there was a whole lotta furrowin' goin' on. Quantum learned about the Sphere Builders from Daniels on Futureprise -- no, not that Futureprise, the other one. Keep up, will you? Quantum tried to convince Degra that the Sphere Builders were bad news bears and to really think hard about his newest hairstyle. Snide hair comments aside, Degra invited Quantum to testify before the Xindi of Round Table, one of the Sphere Builders pranced and threatened the Xindi of the Round Table, and Degra blew up a Snake Eyes ship.

In this pathetic attempt to make us believe we're viewing the Sphere Builders in their down dimension, the camera pans past each of them on a mist-blown set as they discuss the timeline and what needs to be done about the Earth vessel. It put me in mind of that freaked-out "slingshot around the sun" scene in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home with all the disembodied statue heads of the crew. The Sphere Builders aren't disembodied heads, but there's that same bright white misty set and surging camerawork. I really don't know what television special effects are coming to these days -- first A Wrinkle in Time's amateur hour and now this? It's really quite sad. Interestingly -- or derivatively, if you've seen "The Outcast" -- the Sphere Builders' voices are all very feminine with some low cadences, so you aren't completely sure of their gender or even if they have one. The Evil Dr. Mathra sat up suddenly as he watched this scene: "Dude, it's The Golden Girls and that tall one in blue is totally Bea Arthur! Now, my real concern is which one is Blanche? Hm, I guess we'll know when one of them gets a Southern accent and starts sleeping with everyone." Wait, but then how will we tell her apart from Trip? The end result of all this kvetching at Maw in Florida is that Enterprise must be DESTROYED! The Xindian Personal Golden Girl bows her head in acceptance of this burden.

And from the "I am, and will always be, twelve" department:

It's been a pant load
Watchin' Quantum furrow
It's been a long time
And my head is perma-burrowed.
But I will eat my way through a drum of cheese
I will retch and cry
And they're not gonna to hold me down no more
No they're going to change my mind
'Cause I've got a case of the farts

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