The Crossing

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Crossing Over and Out

Space Cafeteria. Dr. Horseshoe Crab Head and T'Pol find the two blobbed crewmen, and have a little snack.

Mayweather just misses a blobbing, then finds that the blob won't follow him into the catwalk. Count Chocula orders that all the un-blobbed crew members get into the central catwalk. They've got those blobs on the run! The Count asks Hoshi to get in there, and she spins slowly in her chair and says, all Hal-like, "It would be best if they stayed where they are." Ooh, no she di'in't! Count Chocula grabs her (look out, Space Invaders!) and demands that she/blob give him back his crew. Hoshi/Blob is all, I can understand how you would be frightened. Count Chocula doesn't waste a moment and calls security.

Catwalk. Everyone do a little twirl. For the mathy geeks, T'Pol tells Count Chocula that there are fifty-eight crew members there (un-blobbed) and twenty-four confined to quarters (blobbed). T'Pol asks the Count for permission to leave the safety of the catwalk and, you know, interface with a blob. Because ("no offense") the Vulcan mind is a little better equipped to handle invasion than the human mind. "It can resist temptations, emotions, and, [she] believe[s], invasions by these life forms." She just wants to understand their motives. Count Chocula is not having it. But what choice does he have?

Dr. Horseshoe Crab Head gets a call from T'Pol: Hoshi has broken her leg and needs medical attention. He sighs heavily and looks worried. Wow, I wonder if anything is fishy about this. He walks slowly to her quarters with a phaser in hand. When he arrives, he announces that he's armed. Then, after a thorough scanning, she's totally uninjured! And she wants access to the rest of the un-blobbed crew members! Wow, I didn't see that coming! They fight, and even though she kicks him in the space groin, like, fifteen times, he manages to keep the phaser away from her and inject her with knockout juice.

T'Pol leaves the catwalk and stalks the corridors with her huge boobs. In, like, a second, a light blob invades her.

Count Chocula says to the Doctor via comm, "Take her to her quarters." Phlox is about to inject her with space knockout juice when the blob leaves her and disappears into a wall. She collapses a bit, then grabs Phlox and is all, "We have to talk to the captain!" He's all, what's my name, and she says, "We haven't got time for this, Phlox!" White bread.

Powwow with Count Chocula. T'Pol reports that the blobs are "lying to us." Well, "eighty-two of them are. Their ship is deteriorating and they can't survive in space." So the blobs are just plain old body-snatchers, looking to be corporeal again. Where's Reed? They need him back. Count Chocula asks if the blobs can live in a "host that's dead." Well, no. T'Pol says, "They'd die." Count Chocula hails the doctor.

Catwalk. Work it! Mayweather asks some dudes where Tucker is. Then he leaves the catwalk to tell the Captain that Tucker is missing. Um, is that the plan?

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