The Crossing

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Crossing Over and Out

Phlox pokes around the control panels to adjust the gas levels in central ventilation. As he speaks via comm, Tucker appears with a weapon or something in his hand. Then Tucker is back in the catwalk fiddling with a panel; then he's robotically running through the catwalk and knocking people down to escape. Mayweather follows him, yelling that it's "not safe" to go out there. Um, Mayweather was just out there. Whoops, Tucker is gone.

Phlox is still being coached by Count Chocula on how to open the control panels to change the gasses in central ventilation. He says to "use a little muscle," and T'Pol gets a reaction shot. Muscle! Dr. Phlox? HA! But in that inscrutable Vulcan way. Phlox finally gets the panel off and, in a show of slapstick, falls down with the effort. Mayweather comes in and tells Count Chocula and T'Pol that Tucker is AWOL, "out the front hatch." Just as Phlox is getting the levels right, Tucker jumps on him. But the gasses do their gassy thing, and after a struggle with the non-muscley Phlox, Tucker eventually succumbs. The ship takes off, with unconscious Hoshi and Tucker (and the other twenty-two) in tow. The big, throbbing ship follows them, but guess what? They get away. When Tucker comes to, he says he "was just at a barbecue. [He'd] never seen so many ribs!" Phlox tells him to follow him, because they "have a lot of doors to unlock." White bread.

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