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Starfleet and Coffee, Maple Syrup and Damn

Quantum compliments I Could Never Take the Place Of You-weather's Atari skills. "I hope you don't ask me to do that too often, sir," Under The Cherry Weather sighs. Why the hell not? It got you some lines, didn't it? Hoshi reports that the Expanse is dead ahead. Quantum nods and strides over to Trip to ask if he lost any more anti-matter injectors. "No sir, we're gud to go," Trip responds. What about the qrewmember that flipped over the catwalk? Why isn't anyone checking on the ship's casualties? Picard always noted the damage and injury reports coming in after a firefight. Quantum really doesn't give a shit about those eighty-three lives he felt so responsible for earlier, does he? This guy is so not my captain. Quantum looks around at his Bridge qrew and asks T'Pol, "Sure you still wanna tag along?" "It's only logical," T'Pol tells him. Quantum nods and strides back to his chair: "Straight and steady, Mr. Mayweather. Let's see what's in there." Ugh. I'll tell you what's in there -- it's an anvil from last season.

Well, my little chickadees, that's it for me. Enjoy your summers.

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