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Enterprise IV: The Trip for T'Pol

Quantum logs that they've arrived on Vulcan and he's lost his evil friend, Admiral Forrest. First law of soap operas: if you don't see a body, they aren't really dead. Remember Hope blowing up on the Cruise of Deception? And don't even try to tell me Enterprise isn't a soap opera. Anyway, no one on Vulcan has any leads on the bomber.

In a corridor, Quantum apologizes to T'Pol for keeping her from her family, but he needs her on the investigation. T'Pol is more than happy to stay far and away from her family. "Your mother and [pause] husband will understand?" Quantum pries. T'Pol says her mother isn't returning her calls and her [pause] husband knows that their arrangement to avoid each other remains unchanged. Quantum fiddles with the airlock to let in some Vulcan dignitaries. The sight of one of them makes T'Pol react with CRACK WHOREAGE. Apparently, it's the head of the High Command, Administrator V'Las. I'm sorry, and maybe this is because I just watched "Savage Curtain" for the first time, but I think T'Pol owes Muck'ty Muck an apology, because when she turned and her eyes beheld him, she displayed emotion. I'd think Muck'ty Muck would have noted it and been annoyed. Soval tells Quantum that all of Vulcan grieves with him. Muck'ty Muck introduces his clearly evil security director, who will be heading up the investigation. Cond'leeza tells Quantum that not only do they have a memo titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike Inside Vulcan," but they also have suspects.

In the Situation Room, Cond'leeza and the other Vulcans explain why they are pointing the finger at Andorians. Quantum doesn't buy that the Andorians are trying to turn the Vulcans and humans against each other. Cond'leeza's other suspects are Syrrannites, a fringe Vulcan group who follow a corrupted form of Surak's teachings. "Surak I've heard of," Quantum says, pacing. Well, yeah! Jackass. Quantum reminds us and the Vulcans -- both of whom really don't need reminding -- that Surak was the Vulcan Zen master of logic. Yes, he was the father of all they became. Even though all their past demonstrations protesting the Vulcan government have been peaceful, the Syrrannite leader -- a man called Syrran, oddly enough -- has become, in Cond'leeza's words, "a dangerous zealot." There have also been recent violent attacks against non-Vulcans that the Vulcan government pins on the Syrrannites, but there is no evidence linking this fringe group to the bombing. Soval, who sports a nicely green bruise on his face throughout this episode, says they are allowing Starfleet to head up the investigation of their own embassy. Muck'ty Muck says, "If evidence is there, Cond'leeza and I feel confident that you'll find it." Gee, do you think maybe that's because you planted it there? "I intend to," Quantum says nastily. Jackass.

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