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Enterprise IV: The Trip for T'Pol

In his Ready Room, T'Pol brings Quantum up to speed on T'Ma's doings, and says that her mother sent her the IDIC locket because she wants T'Pol to come find her. T'Pol puts the locket on the table and says, "It's called an IDIC." "It looks old," is all Quantum has to say. Dude, guys who dye hair shouldn't throw stones. T'Pol presses a secret button, and a red-toned graphic projects out. "New from Google: Keyhole 2153," Mr. Gytha comments. T'Pol explains that the Map Room is a diagram of a desert called The Forge. "The route's the one Surak supposedly followed," T'Pol says. "Eighteen hundred years ago?" Quantum asks. No, yesterday. Jackass. "Syrrannites follow the same path today seeking enlightenment," T'Pol explains. "And you think your mother is somewhere along that path," Quantum asks. Yes, she's the Wife of Bath. T'Pol says that even though T'Ma told Frank Lloyd Vulcan that the IDIC locket is an heirloom, she's never seen it before. Quantum realizes that it's because T'Ma didn't want Frank Lloyd Vulcan to know about the map. Quantum thinks they can use the map to find T'Ma and T'Pau and the Ark of the Covenant.

Trip tries to talk Quantum out of his archaeological expedition by ranting about the bad conditions and the fact that scanners, weapons, and communicators won't work there because of geomagnetic instabilities. Remember that: "geomagnetic instabilities" -- no mention is made of dampeners. Quantum isn't swayed in the least and tells Trip that he and Reed are in charge of the investigation. "And whatever the Vulcans tell you, believe the opposite. Present company excepted," Quantum adds as they reach the airlock where Soval is standing with T'Pol. Soval hands over information to Trip that shows where gaps in their satellite surveillance appear. "When beam-ins can be detected," Soval explains. Trip gets the funny feeling he isn't supposed to have that information. "Have what, Commander? All I see is a Starfleet data module," Soval innocents, and averts his eyes. "Cap'n, what if somethin' goes wrong down there?" Trip asks. "It already has," Quantum broods. Oh, stop. They beam down.

...to Tatooine. Quantum, have you taken your Flintstones triox compound today? T'Pol reveals herself to be a doubter of some of Surak's purported teachings, and Quantum makes a clumsy Bible comparison that doesn't warrant recapping. Quantum is wearing the same tan desert attire we saw in "Desert Crossing", but T'Pol seems to think this is an occasion for a powder blue non-velour catsuit with matching heels and a totally illogical cape. They trudge. Night falls. Spaceships streak across the sky. "I though technology didn't work here," Quantum says. T'Pol explains that the dampening field only extends a few hundred meters above the ground; patrols can fly over it and their sensors can't detect them on the ground. Wait, what dampening fields? Earlier, Trip said that technology was fucked in The Forge because of "geomagnetic instabilities." A dampening field suggests that it was manmade, so did they cut explanatory dialogue or what? Also, when T'Pol showed Quantum the Map Room in her IDIC, there are these tall spires that seem to rise above (or below) the ground. Those spires never materialized on their trudge, so it makes me think they are part of the aforementioned dampening field and that they are underground. However, who installed the dampening field? Vulcans? Surak? Syrrannites? Please explain! It's like they shot these scenes months before they had storyline totally worked out and then they never went back to reconcile facts.

T'Pol's Vulcan ears perk up and she grabs Quantum to say, "We're being stalked." There's a screeching. They're being stalked by a teddy bear with teeth, aren't they? "What the hell's that?" Quantum wigs. "Sehlat. Run," T'Pol says, and runs by almost tripping over her illogical cape in her illogical heels. Behind them, the teddy bear with teeth bounds. Quantum, the human, manages to run and climb faster than T'Pol, the Vulcan. Considering what we know of the atmosphere on Vulcan, this is -- oh, forget it. They reach higher ground after T'Pol gasps that the sehlat won't climb. And why is that? Seems like an evolutionary mistake for a mountainous-dwelling creature not to climb for food. The sehlat paces below. "How long before it starts to lose interest in us?" Quantum wonders. "Days," T'Pol tells him, and then says sehlats are very persistent creatures. "As a child I had one as a pet," she explains. Quantum is amazed. "Domesticated," T'Pol clarifies. "They're smaller. Slightly." "How 'slightly'?" Quantum asks. T'Pol thinks for a moment then says, like a defensive CRACK WHORE, "You have Porthos." "Porthos doesn't try and eat me when I'm late with his dinner," Quantum says. "Vulcan children are never late with their sehlat's dinner," T'Pol says. Quantum could learn a thing or two by having a sehlat. Either that or Porthos could learn a thing or two by acting like one.

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