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Enterprise IV: The Trip for T'Pol

On the ship, Phlox has determined that the DNA on the bomb is the DNA that was registered in the Vulcan databanks when she was a baby. Clearly, it was planted. Phlox is awesome. While Trip frets over not being able to get word to Quantum that T'Pau is no longer a suspect, Reed shows Phlox the security tape from the embassy and says they've isolated when T'Pau's biometric signature was recorded. On the tape, some cloaked guy goes through security. "Look, that guard recognized whoever it was, and that guard is your patient," Trip points out, and adds that the guard is their only chance to find out who planted the bomb. Phlox says that the guard is in a coma with cranial injuries so severe, he doesn't expect him to recover. Reed asks if there's stimulant that could bring the guard around. "There's only so much damage a human body can withstand," Phlox protests. "I don't care about his body, Doc, we need what's in his mind," Trip says. So, Quantum isn't gone five minutes and you're already acting exactly like him? Oh, and Mindmeld? Yeah, you can start warming up -- you're up next.

The Forge sans Geordi. The sehlat continues to caterwaul. "Sounds like that Klingon opera Hoshi made us listen to," Quantum comments. Oh, whatever. They should have been making with this kind of continuity and reference in the first two seasons instead of ostracizing a good deal of their fan base by openly thumbing their noses at the Star Treks that went before. As comparatively good as these episodes are, it's way too little and way too late. I know that people don't want to hear that, but the truth hurts: this show will not get renewed. They should have had Coto on this shit since the beginning. Someone on the ground cups his hands to his face and calls back to the sehlat. The sehlat runs off, and the B'eastmaster shouts up to Quantum and T'Pol that they're safe for now. "That's quite a trick," Quantum says. "You're human," B'eastmaster says. That's quite a trick. B'eastmaster thinks it's strange that they are traveling together. B'eastmaster says his name's "Arev." "That means 'desert wind,'" T'Pol says. Or does it mean Desert Storm? I blew your mind there, didn't I? When B'eastmaster asks why they're there, Quantum lies that he's studying Surak and his teachings and that T'Pol is his guide and instructor. That's quite blasphemous of him. B'eastmaster welcomes T'Pol to walk with him, but adds that The Forge is not for humans and tells Quantum, "Turn back." "If it's all the same, I'll walk with you too," Quantum says. "This desert's called The Forge for a reason, it will test you and destroy you," B'eastmaster says. And those footprints? Those were the times that I carried you. T'Pol and Quantum follow him. Hey, don't they make anvils in forges?

The next day, they stand at a high point; B'eastmaster points out something and says, "The Plane of Blood. Some say Surak crossed this expanse when the hot blood of battle still flowed green but with logic, he cooled it." Well, yeah, but did he part the Green Sea? I didn't think so. Ha! Our god-like figures are better than your god-like figures! T'Pol is worried about the reflected heat being too strong for Quantum. "I'll stick to the sand-covered parts," Quantum jokes, I guess. I don't know what the heat is reflecting on, if not the sand, but maybe I'm just stupid. Or maybe Quantum is. Quantum swigs water and offers it to T'Pol, who says, "I won't need water for several more days." So that's what those two humps are for! Quantum's all impressed, but takes off his stylish sunglasses and offers them to T'Pol. "My inner eyelids will protect my vision," T'Pol says. Quantum cocks his head as if to look for the mysterious eyelid. "My species evolved on this planet," T'Pol points out. Quantum's wearing a sweat-soaked black baseball cap. Um, don't any hats other than pith helmets trap the heat on your head? I guess Quantum's species didn't evolve. Period.

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