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Enterprise IV: The Trip for T'Pol

Enterprise. Soval doesn't know whether the meld's ever been attempted with a human before, and puts his hands on the security guy's face. Trip is getting a bit too close to the proceedings, and Soval gives him the half-turn. Trip backs off. "Yeah, didn't you know it's rude to read someone's mind over someone else's shoulder?" Gytha Ogg snaps. "Also? Try a breath mint!" Soval proceeds to put his mind to the security guy's mind. He leaves out the "thoughts to thoughts" part, but maybe it's because he's out of practice. We jump inside security guy's head and start to go through the people who passed by his station on the day of the bombing. Apparently, the cloaked figure from the security tape was carrying a brown paper package tied up with string that security guy didn't think was important enough to check. Security guy sucks. "Who are you? Who?" Soval says as the cloaked figure passes by. The cloaked figure looks up, and Soval snatches his hands away from security guy's face. "What'd you see?" Trip asks. Soval breathes heavily and doesn't seem disposed to talk about it yet.

Cavern. The weary travelers eat gruel. B'eastmaster denies that the Syrrannites would have anything to do with a bombing, "That's not our way." "[The High Command] seem to think that it is -- that you and your leader believe in a corrupted version of Surak's teachings," Quantum insists. B'eastmaster chuckles. CHUCKLES! Okay, not only is he T'Pa, but I'll bet he's also Syrran, the Syrrannite leader. I wonder if this chuckling Vulcan is a distant cousin of the Laughing Vulcan. The Chuckling Vulcan asks if T'Ma told T'Pol the story of the IDIC. He takes the locket and points stuff out and says that Surak believed that the IDIC had no end. "But it begins here, at Mt. Selaya," the Chuckling Vulcan says. Now, does this Mt. Selaya have steps? And if so, will you climb them? T'Pol swings her head mournfully to Quantum and explains, "Surak died on Mt. Selaya." You are such a CRACK WHORE! The Chuckling Vulcan says, "His body, yes, but his katra [head explodes, again] was spirited away before the last battle against those who marched beneath the Raptor's Wings. Those who wanted to return to the Savage Ways." Ohmigod -- what's that decloaking?! Why, it's a Romulan Anvil of Prey! And why do I suddenly feel as if I'm watching a Lord of the Rings movie? "Whassa katra?" Quantum asks. I dunno, whassa katra with you? The Chuckling Vulcan looks at T'Pol, who explains, "The Syrrannites claim it's the 'essence' of the Vulcan mind. That it can be transferred from the body before death and stored in some manner." Like on a hard drive? "Some say Surak's katra was found and now is carried by a Syrrannite so all those who meld with him may touch Surak's mind," the Chuckling Vulcan says. Okay, so the Chuckling Vulcan is Syrran, T'Pa, and Surak's katra holder. He's a multi-tasker. Quantum's surprised by the melding turn of events. "Surak teaches us it is the heritage of every Vulcan. Even those who don't believe in the practice," the Chuckling Vulcan says, fixing T'Pol with a look. Can he smell the Pa'nar Syndrome on her? Quantum stares at T'Pol.

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