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Enterprise IV: The Trip for T'Pol

Soval, Phlox, and Trip confront Cond'leeza and Muck'ty Muck with their evidence. It proves that Cond'leeza (gasp!) is the one who planted the bomb with the fake DNA. It comes out that Soval got his evidence through a meld, which disgusts Muck'ty Muck. Apparently, telepathic evidence is inadmissible. Maybe they'll just settle out of court on this one. "You allowed this distasteful act to take place?" Muck'ty Muck accuses Soval. Soval flares his nostrils: "I performed it." Muck'ty Muck tells him he's shamed Vulcan and himself, and he'll have to appear before the High Command to answer for it.

Strains of Star Wars riffs filter through as the Chuckling Vulcan talks about how the High Command was once only in charge of exploring space. "I've been told the Vulcans were never explorers," Quantum says. "You've been told many things about us that are untrue," the Chuckling Vulcan tells all the fans, myself included, who have been disgusted by the portrayal of Vulcans on this show in the last three years. Strategic Lightning crashes and blows the boulders apart. They go to reseal the entrance, and T'Pol is blasted by lightning. Maybe if she weren't such a CRACK WHORE, the lightning wouldn't have been attracted to all that Trellium-D in her system.

T'Pol moans as Quantum tries to tend to her. The Chuckling Vulcan says the storm is gaining strength and is stuck by Strategic Lightning as well. Quantum rushes to his side. "You must carry it to sanctuary," the Chuckling Vulcan gasps. "Carry what?" Quantum doofs, just as if he hasn't been listening to any of the Chuckling Vulcan's campfire stories. The Chuckling Vulcan puts his peeling hand to Quantum's face: "Tuluk tu Vokau!" Quantum struggles and gags and rolls his eyes back in his head in pain. I don't think Spock hurt Bones when he did it. Quantum's a wimp. Oh, and I think the Chuckling Vulcan just turned death into a fighting chance to live. I refuse to say Quantum did that. I refuse.

Enterprise. Trip tries to convince Soval not to go back to Vulcan. Soval says he has to try to reason with the High Command. "What if they're all in on it?" Trip asks. Soval doesn't answer as he steps through the airlock. "If you really want humans and Vulcans to work together some day, you might think about trustin' us," Trip says. Soval just holds up his hand in the Vulcan salute: "Peace and long life, Commander," he says and peaces out.

Cave. T'Pol mops Quantum's katra'd brow. Quantum comes around, muttering. He sees T'Pol, who looks all worried, and asks after the Chuckling Vulcan. T'Pol looks behind Quantum at the Chuckling Vulcan's body. Quantum groans and says that the Chuckling Vulcan said something in Vulcan. He repeats it. "Remember," T'Pol translates. "Remember what?" Remember the Anvil. Quantum, the big girl's blouse, touches his face and winces, "I think he punched me." The storm's over and the patrol ships are flying again. Quantum remembers that they're to head for the T'Karath Sanctuary. "After we bury him," T'Pol says. Can I rant a minute here? QUANTUM is the one who gets to carry SURAK'S FUCKING KATRA?! Are you SERIOUS? Why, why, WHY does this universe HATE me? Quantum is an idiot. Quantum is mean. Quantum even let Trip make fun of T'Pol and ALL VULCANS when she first came aboard, and now QUANTUM gets to carry SURAK'S FUCKING KATRA?! No. No. Just, no.

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