The Seventh

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Seven of Whine

As we see the sh'pod dock, Quantum logs that the Vulcan ship took Menos into custody and they're back on Enterprise. From his Ready Room, Quantum comms Trip to inquire about his status. Does he have the trots? "Everything's ready to go, Cap'n -- welcome back," Trip responds. Quantum orders up a warp three speed, but Trip wants to know what the secret mission was all about now that it's over. "Did I say warp three? I meant warp four, Commander," Quantum responds. "Not evin' a hint?" Trip says. Quantum just raises his eyebrows at his comm. Trip sighs and says, "Warp four -- aye, Cap'n!" Heh -- I liked that exchange. I was so fed up with Quantum and Trip's Boys Club that it's nice to see the Pewp Man being a bit left out of it for once. T'Pol enters. "Subcommander," Quantum greets her, "am I about to get another call from Admiral Forrest?" T'Pol says, "No, sir." And she's still on the verge of tears or emotional shutdown -- could she just pop a hormone replacement pill and stop it already? "Sorry," Quantum says. "Dealing with these memories -- it's not going to be easy for you, is it?" T'Pol tells him it will certainly not be easy. Quantum offers her a leave of absence, but T'Pol interrupts to tell him that's not necessary: "I was much younger then." And not in the midst of being forced into sham sexual tension with her captain during November sweeps. Quantum reminds her that she has spent a lot of time around humans lately. "You do have a way of putting questionable actions behind you," T'Pol agrees. Was that a slam? "When you don't have the ability to repress emotions, you learn how to deal with them and move on," Quantum explains. And if all else fails, you get yourself a Weight Of The World Window to furrow out of. T'Pol continues to stand there. "Was there anything else?" Quantum asks, hoping she needs a captainly kiss to make it all better. "If you ever need someone you can trust..." T'Pol hints. "I'll find you under your covers," Quantum finishes. Or maybe he just said he won't forget that she's someone he can trust. They stare at each other for a moment, the non-attraction building, and T'Pol leaves. Quantum furrows The Furrow Of So I'm Still Not Sure If By "Trust" She Really Means "Sex."

Next week: the writers try to pick up where "A Piece of the Action" left off in the future.

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