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Seven of Whine

Back at the Cantina del Alieno, Quantum secures Menos to a table and looks around, saying, "Any one of these people could be working with him." T'Pol answers that the Ministry of Security was very clear about that: "He works alone." "I haven't always," Menos tells her meaningfully. Sepia Tones Of Vulcan Flashback. Sure enough, now there's another person long-haired T'Pol seems to be following. Normal-Color Tones Of Present Day. T'Pol turns away from Menos, and he observes that Quantum and May-back-to-being-wallpaper are human. "They wanted to rehabilitate me," Menos trembles with the human emotions, "bring me home, flatten my forehead and repoint my ears. They wanted to teach me to forget the life they had taught me so carefully how to live. They assumed I had become corrupt and that left to my own devices I would remain corrupt. Three years in a Vulcan clinic -- 'rehabilitation.'" Cheer up -- you might get Matthew Perry for a roommate. T'Pol doesn't say anything, and Menos asks the humans if they can blame him for running. He insists that he was never a thief or a smuggler; he only worked closely with smugglers for a long time, just as the Vulcans had trained him to do. Menos continues singing his tale of woe: "Do you know how I've survived for the last twenty years -- how I've fed my family? I haul spent warp injector casings. Not a very popular occupation but a necessary one. A doctor on Andoria says that my hemolytic cell count is over three thousand -- you don't find too many old men hauling spent injector casings." Watching this scene again, it's weird to note how my response to Menos's pathetic state has changed. The first time, I felt sorry for him and thought he could be innocent of the Vulcan charges, but now, all I can see is how totally manipulative each "poor little me" of his is.

He asks May-blink to get something out of his top front pocket. T'Pol warns him that it could be a weapon. "It's a hologram, of my family," Menos sniffs. And this is where T'Pol starts to completely unravel. She doesn't know what to do, so she turns to Quantum, who nods at May-blink to proceed. May-blink pulls the hologram out of Menos's pocket and immediately knows how to activate it. A wife and two kids wave back at Menos, Harry Potter photo album-style. May-blink clicks it off. How did he know Menos was done looking at it? And if they had animated holograms back in the day, why is the Tasha Yar one not dancing around, being all seductive for The Jewel that is Data? Menos comments piteously that the injector casings are going to take him from his family soon enough; he doesn't want to die in a Vulcan prison. T'Pol tells him that her information says he buys a high-grade biotoxin and sells it indiscriminately. Menos has a response for that without really answering to it: "If all of the Ministry's reports about me were true, I could easily shape-shift, slip out of these restraints, or sprout wings and fly away to my ship." Only if you drink Red Bull. Quantum asks Menos why T'Pol should believe a fugitive over her own government. Well, you frequently don't believe her government, skipper. Menos spits that it's because the Vulcans sent one hundred and nine agents to Agaron thirty years ago, and they want all of them present and accounted for, "right or wrong -- dead or alive." What is with all Dubya references in this series? Quantum tells him he'll have his day in court to protest his innocence, but Menos contradicts him, saying that he's actually guilty. Guilty of being a fugitive from Vulcan, but innocent of the charges of trafficking bio-toxins. He cries that he doesn't deserve to be imprisoned or shot. Quantum assures him they're there to transport him to Vulcan custody, not shoot him. However, Menos feels that T'Pol will shoot him. T'Pol looks at him and immediately goes into her Sepia Tones Of Vulcan Flashback. This time, instead of just chase scenes, we see scenes of T'Pol being wrestled by white-robed Vulcan clerics in a candle-lit room. Normal Colors Of Present Day. T'Pol yells, "You're a liar!" and springs on him with her knife out. Quantum wrenches her away and sees that all she cut on Menos was his belt. Wha-- ? She wraps the pieces of the belt around each foot as Quantum asks what wild hair got up her butt. T'Pol insists that Menos isn't telling the truth, and bolts outside. Yeah, she looks like she could use a smoke. Quantum demands to know where she's going. "He says he has a ship full of injector casings," T'Pol tells him, and runs out. "But the platform's covered with acid!" Quantum yells.

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