The Shipment

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A Horse! A Horse! My Boredom For A Horse!

With T'Pol and Phlox in attendance, Trip readies himself to test the rifle; T'Pol thinks it's a bad idea but she's shouted down by the men.

Weapons Facility. Snake Eyes is annoyed by the delays and comments that the Mugato Xindi are "such lethargic creatures." "You could learn something from them, patience for example," Mr. Man twits him. Snake Eyes actually hisses at that. Some Mugatos arrive and report that they can't find Mr. Mugato, but they've organized search teams. Snake Eyes says they don’t have time for that and will find Mr. Mugato themselves.

The Away Thream, plus Mr. Mugato, traipse through the forest. What are they doing out there anyway? It's never really made clear. Reed notes that someone is closing in on their position, but he's not certain if they are Snake Eyes. Ordering Uh-Oh Hayes to stay with Mr. Mugato, Quantum takes Reed to investigate. Reed runs up and down some boulders -- which achieves exactly nothing, as far as I can tell. It just makes him look nervous -- and says that whoever is closing in on them are "bloody fast." Hon, we already believe you're British -- stop trying so hard. Quantum and Reed run after Mr. Mugato and Uh-Oh Hayes and order them to take cover. Two little "Arsenal of Freedom"-ish robots fly into the area, and through their Predator-cum-Terminator-cum-Governor-of-California-Vision they spy something red hiding behind a tree. Quantum takes one out, and Reed fires three times at another without any result and it gets away. God, for the armory officer, his aim really sucks! Of course it's all just part of the Grande Plan to make Quantum look better by comparison. "Oh, he can shoot things. That makes up for the fact that he's a big jerk." Just like in "Exile". Looks like these seeker things have biological parts as well, because the one that Quantum shot squirms and leaks blue blood on the ground. It must've been a royal, who will soon have a tell-all biography written by its first footman. Mr. Mugato identifies the thing as a "seeker," which, he explains, were used in the war for reconnaissance work. They run off to hide in some nearby caves that Mr. Mugato says will provide them with cover in case more seekers show up. Please don't tell me these caves are filled with some sort of fancy metal that shields them. All caves in the Trek-verse seem to come equipped with that. As Reed passes by Quantum, Quantum gives him a look so dirty you'd expect it to clean itself right up if he just chewed some Orbit Gum. Reed tries hard to avoid his captain's eyes. It's actually pretty easy, considering how hard it is to find them under all those layers of furrow.

Number Four: Organizing dust bunnies based on size, hairball content, and allergic reaction potential.

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