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Trip mutters that he's not sure if he knows where to press. "Right there," T'Pol tells him and cups her hands over her breasts. She gives him more direction like, "A little closer together" and "Harder, harder, harder, just like that, please continue" before she inhales suddenly and exhales with satisfaction. Inhale vitality, exhale tension. I know this whole scene is supposed to be so titillating in its mirroring of the actual sex act, but the position of Trip's hands just makes it look like he's trying to pop pimples on the back of T'Pol's neck. Trip's surprised at her reaction. So is T'Pol as she says thickly, "That was far more effective than a hypospray." I guess you could say Trip knows how to push her buttons. Yuk, yuk. Trip nods, pats her awkwardly on the knee, and tells her he was glad to be of assistance. Hee -- Trip's very funny here.

Before he can escape, T'Pol says, "It would only be fair to return the favor. Please disrobe." Trip laughs nervously and stutters that he's really flattered by the offer, and under different circumstances he would -- "Are you implying that I'm making sexual advances?" T'Pol asks, walking toward him. Trip stares at her: "No. No, no, no, no, not at all." Excellent delivery by Trinneer! Trip stammers some more that his hypospray will be working soon, so he'll pass on having his nodes nudged. This is where T'Pol informs Trip that he's been injected with a placebo as part of Phlox's Three's Company plan (aw, John Ritter!) to get Trip to her quarters for some neural node nibbling. "As I predicted it was a pointless exercise," T'Pol finishes. Ah, the challenge. Trip wonders why Phlox didn't just ask him, and T'Pol points out that Phlox did, but Trip subsequently refused. T'Pol sits on her bed, legs primly crossed, as Trip comes to terms with what has been going on behind the scenes. "The doctor knows how intransigent you can be," she tells him. "Intransigent!" Trip shouts. "Unwilling to compromise," T'Pol explains. "I know what it means!" Trip says. BWAH! Chalk one up for the Bayou Boob! Trip shouts that he's very willing to compromise. "Then take off your shirt," T'Pol orders, and moves over on the bed. Trip waggles his head all "Well, you asked for it!" and takes off his shirt. Trip sits on the bed, T'Pol raises her hands to tweak his node, and Trip turns around to look at her suspiciously. T'Pol stares back at him, and Trip turns back around with an annoyed look on his face. T'Pol Rolfs him, and Trip arches his back and gasps. Oh, my. That must have been a big zit.

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