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Kemper recovers quickly and says that he's stationed outside of Atlanta, where there may not be Denobulans but there are plenty of other alien species. "You must have gone pretty deep into our records -- I haven't lived in Duluth since junior high school," Kemper adds. "You may have left Duluth, but you've still got plenty of Duluth left in your inflections," Hoshi smugs. I don't think I'm liking this timbre of banter from her. Everyone chuckles, and Kemper asks for an explanation. Major Hayes explains that Hoshi is a tongue professional who could probably tell him which street he lived on. Enterprise's own Professor Hoshiggins. Daniel Dae Lewis asks if Hoshi knows anything about their mission. Hoshi says that Quantum will let them know when the time is right. Clever girl -- she managed to not give them any information, yet still imply that she's in possession of facts to which they have no immediate access. I wonder how much she really knows and how much she wants them to think she knows. Apparently, with nothing to attack, kill, rescue, or torture, the Uh-Ohs have been getting mighty restless on the ship. And with that, Major Hayes excuses his team to go do some more painting. The air-hatches really need it. From my brief visit to the forums before they went down for reconstruction, I got the impression that everyone was picking up on chemistry between Hayes and Hoshi, but I just don't see it. He was nothing more than strictly professional with her, yet not so much that you'd think he was overcompensating, either. As for the projected Corned Beef Slash between Daniel Dae Lewis and anyone else, I don't see that either. Keep dreaming, guys -- it's only the first episode.

Trip and Quantum check out a problem in Cargo Bay Two. "Are you sure it's not a problem with the grav-plating?" Quantum asks. "Trust me, Captain, it's not the grav-plating," Trip tells him, and opens the cargo bay door. "Has someone been anatomically inverted?" The Evil Dr. Mathra asks excitedly. Nope, it's just that all the cargo is suspended in mid-air against one wall. It reminds me of the scene in Poltergeist when the mother walks into the kitchen and finds all the chairs piled up on the kitchen table. Trip warns Quantum to stay close to the door and tells him, "Just give it a minute," as they watch the cargo. The floor rumbles, and just as though an enormous magnet has been applied to the opposite wall, all the cargo flies and sticks to the other side. Cool. "You're right, it's not the grav-plating," Quantum states, and then asks if there's any volatile material in the containers. "I would've known by now," Trip shrugs. Hee. Quantum tells Trip to seal off the cargo bay, and hopes the "little anomaly" doesn't last any longer than the others did. There's another rumble as the capricious cargo flies back to its original position. Good thing I'm not serving on that ship -- I'd sit in the cargo bay all day just to watch that. And giggle.

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