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It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to YesterTrek

Next, Riker talks to Mayweather about Trip and finds out that Trip and Quantum have known each other twenty years and some scuba diving has been involved. Riker tells Mayweather to ease up on the dough. Mayweather apologizes and says, "They've got a shorthand they use sometimes -- comes from spending so much time together." They do? Since when? We never saw this? ARRGH -- SHOW, don't TELL! "Did Trip ever take a swing at Picard?" Riker asks. D'oh! "At who?" Mayweather boggles. "Quantum, Captain Quantum," Riker restates. Not that Mayweather knows of: "When push comes to shove, Commander Tucker usually ends up doing the right thing."

Next, Riker works with Phlox who predictably has fun with the dough. Ew, it's looking gray now -- what is that dough for? I don't want to eat it -- it's probably all tough and glutenized. Phlox says that Trip pushes himself hard and he's had to order him to relax several times. Phlox mentioned the Nymphomaniacal Neural Node Nudging, and Riker realizes that's when Trip and T'Pol got together. "One time, he became so exhausted, I had to demand he get six hours sleep -- he negotiated it down to four!" Phlox chortles. Riker laughs with Phlox. "So, did he follow your orders?" Riker asks. Phlox shrugs that Trip didn't have a choice. "You always have a choice," Riker says. Interesting that Riker never gets Quantum in the galley. Too much star power for one small screen? I can't believe that of Bakula or Frakes -- not from what I've heard about both of them. Big names, yes, but not big egos.

Trip and Quantum drink whisky and discuss the future of the Alliance of Planets. "This is a special bottle of whisky -- Zephram Cochrane gave it to my father the day that they broke ground at the warp five complex," Quantum says, pouring another two fingers. "And here we are, toasting the warp seven," Trip muses, raising his glass. "Here's to the next generation," Quantum clinks. See, now, it was really sweet and tear-jerking when Kirk said that at the end of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, but in this scene? It's just a repeat. Plus, Kirk was actually referring to TNG, and Quantum should be referring to Kirk's ship. With a new line. "Here's to Kirk Lighting"? Or, how about, "Here's to food cubes"? No, I've got it: "Here's to a multi-fake-accented crew!" See, this is why they don't pay me in Hollywood, but someone else could have come up with something. Whatever -- I'm just angry because I know what's about to happen. Trip asks about Quantum's speech. Quantum says he always crammed before exams, so he'll give it another few days. "Biggest day of your life and you're waiting until the day before," Trip grins, his chin in his hand as he gazes at his captain. For the last time. Biggest day of our lives," Quantum corrects him. "Oh, I hate to contradict you, Captain," Trip says, "but I'm not going to live to see it." Or maybe he just says that everyone is wanting to see Quantum, but the meaning was implied. The ship shakes. Menacing music cues up as Riker watches Quantum ask the Bridge what's going on. A vessel is approaching and attacking them. T'Pol doesn't know who they are. The ship shakes again. An alarm goes off and T'Pol announces, "Intruder alert." Quantum and Trip slowly meander to the door. They MEANDER. And I'm underlining that fact because they are so languid in this scene, but then we immediately segue to them running like the dickens in the next scene. It made me laugh. Through my tears.

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