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It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to YesterTrek

They run smack into the shranappers who are there to collect Shran and Shranette. Where are the Uh-Ohs? Where's Reed? "I thought you said their ship couldn't catch up to us," Trip says out of the corner of his mouth. "Remind me to mention that to Shran," Quantum retorts. He tells the shranappers that Shran left six hours ago in one of his shuttles. The shranappers don't really believe him. "Kill him," one of them says. "Hold on -- wai-- wait a minute," Trip starts to jibber. WHERE are the Uh-Ohs?! WHERE is REED?! Quantum tells Trip to step off and holds a restraining arm up to Trip's chest. Trip grabs at the arm and tries to fight forward, jibbering that he will take the shranappers to Shran. "I gave you an order, Commander!" Quantum shouts. "You heard me," Trip freaks to the shranappers, "I said I'd bring you to Shran!" Trip has been in this situation so many times -- there was absolutely no need to have him unravel like this. No need. Oh, and while we're on the subject of "need," WHERE are the UH-OHS and WHERE is REED?! Trip jibbers some more about Quantum being his captain and not wanting him to come along. "Trip -- that's enough!" Quantum shouts. "Listen, I won't do this if you kill him but could you please SHUT HIM UP!" Trip shouts, turning an angry face on Quantum. Quantum gets clocked in the head with the butt of a gun and stays down. I knew my love for you wasn't for nothing, Trip.

Trip starts to back down a corridor. There's some back and forth with the shranappers about leaving Quantum alive, but Trip manages to convince all the shranappers to follow him while he does some security overriding. Oh, and speaking of "security," WHERE ARE THE UH-OHS AND WHERE IS REED?! Trip explains what he's going to do as they step into a comm station and he pulls panels off and cords out. Trip's got a big plug in his hand and he points to the ceiling, saying, "Now all I need to do is connect this to the relay inside that panel." The shranappers step in to open the panel for him and make threats about concealed weapons. You know, what the hell was Shran doing getting involved with these people in the first place? Isn't Head Shranapper's creepy, sand-papery voice enough of a dead giveaway that he's really, really, bad? See, I make the jokes because I don't want to get back to this scene. Trip steps up onto a ladder and pulls another plug down. "Hurry up -- you're running out of time," Head Shranapper says. "There's just one other thing I need to tell you," Trip says. Head Shranapper inclines his head forward. "You can all go straight to hell!" He connects the cords and there's a big explosion. Speaking of "hell," WHERE ARE THE -- oh, forget it. It's all over.

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