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It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to YesterTrek

Quantum wakes up, sees the smoke, finds himself alone, and darts over to the big piles of steaming shranappers. And STILL we have NO security! Fire them. Fire them all. Quantum staggers through some small fires, calling for Trip. He looks through some fallen bulkheads and spies Trip. Quantum leans on the bulkheads for support. Riker watches.

Sickbay. Trip isn't responding. Phlox works feverishly and tells Quantum that the plasma was "super-heated" and it "thermalized his lungs." Trip gasps and wheezes. Phlox wants the hypobaric chamber warmed up. Trip wheezes out that he's sorry that Quantum got hit in the head. "I know, Trip," Quantum assures him, "just take it easy -- everything's going to be all right." Trip worries that they're going to be late. Quantum promises they aren't and says he'll even have time to write his speech. "Great news," Trip moans. Trip sort of chokes and alarms blare. Phlox shouts medical stuff and Quantum helps carry Trip over to the SCAT. Dr. Mathra thinks that little bit might have been a shout-out to the opening credits of Quantum Leap when Sam is carrying the bloodied child in "Black on White on Fire." That's the ep that also stars Mark Alaimo, god love him and his oddly-too-thick-for-his-head neck. Quantum slides Trip into the SCAT. Trip lifts his head up, winks painfully, and smiles slightly. Quantum sort of smiles back. Trip disappears into the SCAT. Oh, Trip. All those times I told you to shut up, I didn't mean for you to shut up FOREVER! Quantum swings around to look at an unhappy and terrified Phlox.

Typical. Just typical. I start off absolutely HATING Trip. To say that I despised his very existence on the ship doesn't even begin to cover the depth of the enmity I had for him in the first few seasons. And then...something happened. He made me laugh. I can't manage to remember when or why that momentous event took place -- people, I've written over one hundred fifty recaps (one hundred sixteen of them for Enterprise), my mind is shot -- but the thing is, it did. Connor Trinneer filled out and developed his character so absolutely that the Trip I hated first season is not the Trip I loved fourth season. And after I do this unprecedented 180 on a character, what does Bermaga do? They KILL him! The idiots specifically went out and learned who the fan-favorite character was and they willingly and deliberately murdered him because...why? I don't think it's because they actually hate the fans -- not really and truly as much as it appears that way -- it's because they are utterly out of touch with what's going on outside their offices. They think KILLING a favorite character is the way to make people cry and therefore make the episode a complete success. What twaddle. Not only was Trip's death senseless and totally avoidable, it wasn't glorious. He wasn't saving the ship, he was saving Quantum...which...no. He wasn't saving Earth, he was saving Quantum...which...still no. Also, the killing of a character as a way to force emotion is trite and overdone and a crutch that better writers know not to use. There are other ways. This was stupid, pointless, and possibly the most idiotic thing Bermaga have ever done. And that's saying something.

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