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It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to YesterTrek

In Trip's room, T'Pol packs. She looks at a picture of Trip scuba diving (the hobby we ONLY learned about in this episode) and puts it down. She picks up a folded uniform and puts it to her face, inhaling deeply. Aw. Quantum walks in to ruin the moment. He asks if she needs any help packing. She doesn't. T'Pol asks if Trip's parents are still coming to the ceremony. "I told them I didn't think Trip would have wanted it any other way," Quantum says. Of course you did. Trip is dead, and the most important thing is NOT to grieve, oh no, the most important thing is for his parents to come and hear you speechi-furrow-fy. Shut up.

Do you want to know what pisses me off the most about this episode? We never got a chance to grieve for Trip. Spock had all of that with the peeling face, the "hu-uman" speech, AND Scottie blowing out "Amazing Grace." Tasha got stuff. Even Mozzarella Trip got his props. But in this finale? We just segue right into this scene and then to the speech scene of seat squabbling. We can't really cry because we're hopeful about a change in Quantum's Furrowsphere and don't want to miss any potentially nice dialogue. Then, we sit through this scene, not getting any sort of sympathetic payback, and the moment passes. No grieving for Commander Tucker. Fuckers.

Quantum chuckles and hands over a Frankenstein action figure. T'Pol says she'd like to meet Trip's parents. "They're a little eccentric -- I think you'll see where Trip got his sense of humor," Quantum smiles. They reminisce about T'Pol's mother and how Trip told T'Pol that as the years went by, she would miss her mother less. T'Pol has found that she misses her mother even more. Riker skulks. Quantum flaps his arms and sighs, "Time heals all wounds but absence makes the heart grow fonder. I guess it's a little tricky." What's with the clichéd quoting, buttmunch? Man, Trip's sister is murdered, his baby dies, and then TRIP HIMSELF dies and HE STILL CAN'T GET QUANTUM TO SHED A TEAR! Quantum must've hated Trip so much more than I ever did. Quantum sits down, saying, "Emotions have a way of counterdicting themselves." I think he meant "contradicting." "And you wonder why we suppress them?" T'Pol states. Quantum decides now would be a good time to wax off some memories about how he felt when he took command ten years ago. But since none of them involve crying or showing any sort of emotion about TRIP'S DEATH, I'm ignoring them. He talks about finding something noble in the stars and adds, "And now Trip is dead and I have to give a speech about how worthwhile it's all been." Oh, my GOD, stop with "The Speech" already! To his very faint credit, Bakula did seem to bite out the word "worthwhile" and show some tiny vestige of emotion. But it was more anger than sadness, and I think we've had quite enough anger from Quantum over the years. At this call for pity, T'Pol responds that Trip would have been the first to say it was worthwhile. Quantum smiles tightly.

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