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It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to YesterTrek

Galley. Riker plays with that gray ball of dough. The door slides open and Trip walks in, grinning, "Friiiiiiied catfish with hush puppies." Riker grins back. Trip tells him to keep in mind that he'll be having the real thing next week in Mo-beel. Riker will try to live up to the challenge. "Cap'n asked for meatloaf, dinnit he?" Trip asks, leaning against a counter. What's that supposed to imply? Riker says he hasn't spoken to Quantum yet...and he won't, either. I still find that odd. Riker says he hears they are picking up Shran. "Can you b'leeve it? We all thought he wuz ded and gone," Trip draaaawls. "Well, don't you think the Captain is cutting it a little close?" Riker prods. "You meen gettin' back to San Francisco? Nah, he won't let ennything get in the way of that." Not even your pointless death. Trip wants a carrot even if they aren't peeled. "You know, he'd never admit it," Trip continues, "but this thing means a helluva lot to him. He's real proud to be one of the people signing this charter. And he'd oughta be." Riker grins, "You sound like a life-time member of the Jonathan Archer Fan Club." And the only member. Trip nods and says he can count on one hand the number of people he can trust. Well, Hoshi, Malcolm, Quantum, T'Pol, Mayweather, and Phlox are more fingers than on one hand. I wonder who gets left out. Trip explains that he's not talking about trust in the stealing money or lying way, "I'm talking about the kind of trust where you know that someone's going to help you -- no matter what. Or you know they'll always be there for you -- no matter how bad things get." I guess that means Quantum is the extra finger, and I can tell you which one he is, too. Seriously, Quantum? There for Trip no matter how bad things got? Have we forgotten all the times he IGNORED Trip's pain over his sister's death? I sure as hell haven't. "Ever know ennybody like that?" Trip asks. Riker raises his eyebrows and grins, "Yeah." He looks down: "One or two." Trip leaves to finish packing but stops to ask Riker what he's going to do. "Do?" Riker says, a bit surprised. "You gonna sign on to another ship, or you gonna open up that little restaurant in the Berkshires you told me about?" Any restaurant Riker would open would never be little. Riker sighs, relieved, and says he hasn't decided yet. He asks Trip if he has any advice. Trip laughs, "Nope." Riker laughs back. Trip leaves, waving the carrot and saying, "But I'm sure you'll make the right choice." Riker looks pensive.

Big huge multi-decked area that Daniels the Dork once showed us. Reed squirms in his seat and bitches, "Are you certain these are the right seats?" Mayweather says, "Yep." "They don't seem very VIP to me," Reed whines. "I'm sure the Admiral wanted us to have a view that took in the scope of the occasion," Hoshi reassures. "From this distance, you can't tell an Andorian from a Tellarite," Reed whimpers. Yeah, but I'm sure you'll be able to see Quantum's furrows just fine. The three talk about their future careers. Mayweather wants to figure out what Quantum's doing before he makes his decision. Reed nods prissily and says, "I'll bet you a month's pay he'll be on the bridge of a new ship. He won't be able to resist one of those warp seven beauties." Troi watches from the corridor behind the row of seats. Hoshi thinks Quantum will be "tapped for Admiral." Just as long as they tap him hard. Mayweather agrees with Reed that Quantum will never settle for a desk job. "It's very wise of you to stick with him," Reed hisses to Mayweather, "it's exactly what I plan to do." I can't get over this. Trip's not FOUR DAYS DEAD and they're squabbling about their seat assignment and future plans to kiss Quantum's furrowed ass? Unbelievable.

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