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It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to YesterTrek

Riker starts to question T'Pol about her relationship with Trip. T'Pol tells him it's been over for six years. The hell it has?! You mean, after that terribly affecting scene in the last episode, they just decided to break them up? I've never been a huge Tri'Pol fan but I think it was so stupid of them to show us all that last episode and then turn around and just destroy it. For no good reason. T'Pol purports not to miss Trip because she's Vulcan and Vulcans don't miss people. Riker asks about Trip being worried about not making the ceremony. "Trip rarely questions the Captain's decisions," T'Pol says. "He doesn't strike me as someone who follows orders blindly," Riker pushes. "He's not, he simply tends to agree with the Captain most of the time -- he trusts him," T'Pol responds. Riker asks T'Pol to peel the carrots for him. That will be important later. But not really. "Before I joined this crew, I never could have imagined anything more important than following orders," T'Pol starts. Riker prompts her to continue. "Humans believe that sometimes you have to follow your instincts -- very illogical approach -- but one I've come to embrace," T'Pol continues, drunkenly. Riker stares at her and freezes the program. He walks next to T'Pol, leans over, and KISSES her on the cheek. Oh, Riker -- give it a rest, would you? Just because you're on the holodeck doesn't mean you have to -- never mind. Just...never mind.

TNG. Riker pages through the crew manifesto of Pegasus. I'm sure all the faces are various and sundry people on the show's crew and staff. Troi walks in and looks at the image that's frozen on the screen: "Someone you know?" "Someone I knew," Riker says, "Phil Wallace -- a hell of a handball player." And I'm sure that fivehead came in right handy with that handball-playing. It's just like having a third hand. Riker tells Troi that seventy-one people on Pegasus died, leaving only nine of them alive. "How do you feel learning the ship wasn't destroyed?" Troi asks. I don't know why she's asking; can't she feel how he feels? Riker says it doesn't matter, because seventy-one people died. "You're feeling guilty," Troi says, sitting down, "you think in some way you were responsible?" "You're the empath, why don't you tell me?" Riker shoots back. Beat you to it, Commander. Troi stares at him and says, "I think it's something else -- something about seeing that ship again." Riker wants to change the subject, so Troi asks about how things are going on the holodeck and if he's gained any insight. Riker responds, "I took your advice about the Chef and you were right -- T'Pol opened up to me." I'll just bet she did. Riker says he hasn't been to Engineering to meet Trip yet, and asks if Troi knows anything about the NX-01. Troi laughs that she visited the ship as a kid but she gets "all those museum ships" mixed up. It's kind of sad to hear her cavalierly lump our Enterprise in with all the other "museum ships." Riker begs Troi to join him on the holodeck. All this flirtation -- hasn't she just started going out with Worf?

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