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It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to YesterTrek

Riker and Troi explore Quantum's Ready Room and comment on how small it is. "How could Quantum survive without a fish tank?" Troi marvels. Lady, he had a dog. They're a bit more responsive. Plus, if you recall, Riker ATE that fish in the fish tank. Troi walks up to the door and stops. She looks around. Riker hastens to her side and says, "Allow me." He pushes a button and the door slides open. On the Bridge, Riker reminds her about the dog. "Right!" Troi remembers. "One of the Musketeers!" Troi sits in the chair: "Ooh, comfy!" I've heard that that chair actually isn't comfortable at all. "No seat for the first officer?" Riker notes. "Perhaps Quantum wasn't as fussy as Captain Picard when it came to people sitting in his chair," Troi digs. What about Kirk? He didn't have a chair for the first officer either. And he seemed to sit on a platform high above everyone else -- what does that say? Besides, I didn't think Picard was that fussy about people sitting in his chair -- he just didn't want Wesley doing it on the off chance he'd ruin the leather with one of his many pee-pee dances. Troi plays with things, and T'Pol's viewer pops out, to her delight. She remembers that from a photograph. "Kirk's ship had one, I think," Riker adds unnecessarily. Really unnecessarily. We all know Kirk's ship had it and we all rejoiced in it when we first saw it -- there was no need for Riker to ram it down our throats. There's already a sizeable lump there as it is.

In a corridor, Riker directs them to Engineering, and Troi says something about a ship being lonely without her crew. Riker holodecks up some crew.

Engineering. Reed bitches about going to Rigel X and mixing with the "unsavory element." Trip's indifferent because he believes the captain will get them back in plenty of time. Reed doesn't understand why Trip's still fiddling with purging injectors and the like, since the ship is being put in mothballs in a week. Yes, we get it -- the ship is being decommissioned and we're all very sad about that, but it gets less and less so every time you USE THE SAME EXPRESSION ABOUT MOTHBALLS! God. Trip reminds us that he practically built the engine: "I wanna take care of that as long as I possibly can." It will be shorter than you think. Sniff. Trip looks around: "It's been a helluva run, Malcolm. I never thought it would come to an end." Reed looks thoughtful: "All good things." Yes, the shout-out to TNG's series finale was quite sweet there. "Captain thinks there will be another Enterprise before too long," Reed adds. "I imagine," Trip says, still looking fondly around. "Won't be the same," Reed sniffs. "That's okay," Trip says softly. Okay, please bear in mind that I NEVER got this sappy in a recap in four years, but knowing what I know about how the actors felt about this finale, I have to think that Trinneer is speaking directly to Keating in this scene. I love him. I really do. Reed and Trip walk off together and pass by Riker and Troi. "It's sad," Troi says, "Commander Tucker had no idea he wouldn't make it back." You know, I was spoiled for Trip's death, but for those that weren't? That was a lousy thing to have her say so early in the episode. It has people thinking that she's going to be wrong and that somehow you can take her words and read from them that while he doesn't make it back from this mission, he doesn't necessarily die. And then they big fat kill him anyway. Also, Trip had "no idea he wouldn't make it back"? No duh! Stupid thing to say. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

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