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It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to YesterTrek

TNG flies. Troi sits in an unfamiliar room. "Data to Counselor Troi," Data comms. Troi responds. "I was wondering if this might be an appropriate time to continue our discussion on the long-term effects of space travel on my positronic net," Data asks. Troi responds, "Can I give you a rain check?" "You may...check me for rain if you wish, Counselor," comes Data's confused reply, "but I assure you I have no water in my --" Data is interrupted by someone at Troi's door. She tells him she'll get back to him. That there -- that thing with Data not knowing what a rain check is? Stupid. Seventh-season Data was no longer the Big Bird crewmember, who always needed a Very Special Episode to explain things to him. He had long since dropped his literal interpretations of things and had even stopped taking a word, running it through his positronic doohickey, and spitting out the definition and etymology. They didn't need to showcase Data in that particular way and it should have been avoided. Not knowing that about seventh-season Data just proves how out of touch Bermaga are with the whole of Star Trek. And makes this quote: "'A lot of fans have stressed the fact that Brannon and I have ignored the continuity of STAR TREK and ignored the canon, and that could not be farther from the truth,' Berman responded. 'We live and breathe this continuity...'" patently ridiculous. Dream on, Bermaga, you lazy, paranoid, thirty-five percent asses.

Riker stops by to tell Troi that it won't be long before they find the Pegasus. He then decides to tell her the top-secret information that I don't believe he ever would have told her in the actual TNG episode. They just put it here to explain the backstory, which, in my opinion, wasn't necessary. Riker had a decision to make. It involved Pressman and his former position on Pegasus. That's it. If people wanted to learn more, there are ways of finding that stuff out. Watch the episode. Look it up on startrek.com. Don't waste valuable ENT finale time explaining it. Not only are you taking screen time away from Trinneer, Blalock, Montgomery, Keating, Billingsley, Park, and oh, fine, Bakula, but more importantly, you are losing all subtlety. In a nutshell, Pressman and Pegasus experimented with a cloaking device -- something that is a big no-no with the Romulan Neutral Zone Treaty Thing -- and seventy-one people died. It was covered up, and the returning crew was sworn to secrecy. Now, those that developed the cloaking device want to pick the experiment up where they left off. "What they're doing is wrong -- it will jeopardize the treaty," Riker explains. "And you want to tell that to Captain Picard," Troi understands. "I took an oath of secrecy -- Pressman still outranks the Captain," Riker explains. Troi talks about making hard decisions and so forth. She has confidence that he'll do the right thing. So do we. Because we've seen the episode.

ENT. Galley. Riker and Reed roll dough together as Reed talks about Trip. "He was anything but tactful -- what his countrymen might refer to as a 'hick' -- and for the life of me, I couldn't understand what Captain Quantum saw in him," Reed natters. Riker tells him to roll the dough thinner. "Oh, right," Reed says distractedly. Riker wants to hear more about Trip. "Well, that's about it, really. I used to think first impressions meant something. I guess it's not always true. To be honest, I didn't think he was going to last a month -- old friend of the captain's or not," Reed thinks. His face gets pensive. "And now, I can't imagine what these last ten years would have been like without him," Reed says, gazing up at Riker. Man, I hope Chef has some Corned Beef Slash in the larder, because Reed's hungry for it! Riker asks, "Did you ever find yourself attracted to him?" BAH! So good! I mean, it was an Ironic Cutaway and now we see that he's actually asking Hoshi, but the implication that he was asking Reed was all there. And it was ALL thirty-five percent Bermaga, too. Hee. Hoshi also plays with the dough. "Maybe a little," she says. "I never really thought he was my type -- didn't even graduate college. He learned about engineering working on boat engines, I think." You think? Hoshi, it's been TEN YEARS! Hoshi says that Trip didn't care much about languages. "He could barely speak English," she laughs, "but he did have his moments. I still find him kind of cute." She orders Riker to keep that to himself. "Always do," Riker promises.

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