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Twilight in the Garden of Good and Better

Bridge. Hoshi says their probes are reporting that six Xindi ships have entered the system.

Reed charges weapons as Enterprise joins up with other ships. I think those are Xindi? Trip confirms that "everyone is in position," and Reed reports that the Xindi ships are within weapons range. Enterprise fires. The ship shakes, and Reed says, "Our shields are holding. Nice to know they work in combat." "Remind me to send a thank-you note to General Shran," Trip responds. Shields!? And -- General Excedrin PM? Oh, this episode is far too good to be true! Enterprise leads two Xindi ships away as the other four continue heading toward the planet. Two Earth ships come from behind the Xindi ships. At least one looks exactly like Enterprise, and the other looks like the Reliant, which means they did an awful lot of shipbuilding in twelve years. Or nine, I guess, if those ships weren't made until after Earth and the Earth colonies were destroyed. The Intrepid and the Reliant clone fire on the Xindi ships. Reed reports damage to the Bug House ship and that it's losing power. Enterprise takes out the other ship's engine, and Reed reports that the other four ships are changing their course away from the planet. I can't take my eyes off his facial hair -- it's a really bushy growth! Honey, here's a tip: if your goatee throws shadows, it's time to trim it back. With hedge clippers. Trip sits down in his chair and says, "I think we're going to find out how much of a beating these new shields can take." I love this episode and all, but you gotta wonder why other species -- Andorian, Vulcan, Klingon, and more that we've met in the past three years -- aren't jumping in to defend humans against what could very possibly be a dangerous foe for all of them. Shran's been made a general, which could imply wartime if it weren't for the fact that we know Andorians to be "war-like," which means they probably just give each other military titles for fun.

Sickbay. Quantum staggers to his feet and, avoiding P'Tail's protests, says he's not going to stand by while "they destroy what's left of humanity." Phlox stays in Sickbay and P'Tail runs after her husba-- er, "patient."

Shields are at forty-two percent, and Quantum can't get on the turbolift. It's not that he can't remember how it works, it's just that it's not working at all. He takes an access tube, and T'Pol follows. Can we really, in all good faith, ignore the sexual overtones of them climbing through a tube together? I didn't think so.

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