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Twilight in the Garden of Good and Better

The ship that looks like Intrepid is fired on. Its port nacelle cracks and falls off. Dude, that's bad. But oh, it's so GOOD! Hoshi reports that the Intrepid has taken a direct hit. Sad -- that's Malcolm's ship! Why isn't he on it? He's now captain, right? Trip orders Intrepid to withdraw. Reed says Enterprise's phase cannons are down.

P'Tail and Quantum climb through tubes. I hope she's on birth control.

Reed shouts that their forward shields are collapsing, and Hoshi shouts back, "Hull breaches on B-deck! C-deck!" Reed yells, "They're targeting the Bridge!" "Hard to port!" Trip orders. Outside, the Xindi ships fire repeatedly at the Bridge until the entire section is cut out and you can see inside. Wow. I just got major pricks behind my eyes (for once it's not Quantum) and goosebumps all over. Reed, Trip, and Hoshi are dead.

P'Tail almost falls off the ladder, but Quantum helps her back. He gets to a computer and checks the ship's status. "The Bridge is gone," Quantum breathes. P'Tail comms Phlox to meet them in Engineering to finish the procedure. Because now that Trip's dead, they might as well disobey his orders. Quantum says they don't have time to worry about his parasites, but P'Tail tells him he's wrong and leads him away to explain.

Three Rent-a-Redshirts carry a wounded Rent-a-Redshirt down a corridor. A nest of Snake Eyes transports in and shoots all of them.

Engineering. In a very high voice, Phlox reports that the Quantum's Brain chamber has been damaged. Quantum's parasites allow him to remember, "Didn't you say we could destroy the parasites with a subspace implosion?" "Yes, but that would --" Phlox starts to say, but Quantum interrupts to ask P'Tail, "Can we create one?" P'Tail says they need to overload three plasma injectors. "You'll destroy the ship!" Phlox says. Quantum says it doesn't make much of a difference anymore. Quantum leaps around and tells Phlox and P'Tail to get to the sh'pods: "They're only after humans. If this doesn't work out, you'll still have a chance!" Not necessarily. I don't think the Xindi are the type to just ignore those working with the humans just because they happen to have non-red blood. P'Tail joins Quantum at the warp core. Quantum looks at her and then back at Phlox: "That's an order!" "With all due respect, sir," P'Tail says quietly, "you were relieved of command." Damn straight! And he's a much better actor because of it. What is it with the episodes that show Bakula at his finest being the ones where he's not really acting Captain Quantumly? Something to ponder.

Snake Eyes storm the ship and kill some Uh-Ohs.

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