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Twilight in the Garden of Good and Better

A few Snake Eyes creep into Engineering. Phlox shoots at them. Is that the first time we've seen Phlox wield a weapon? He doesn't need to spend more time in the armory! A Snake Eyes fires back, and Phlox flips over the catwalk in a shower of sparks. Quantum runs to check on him, grabs the fallen phaser, and fires back at the Snake Eyes. He misses. He shakes Phlox some more. Snake Eyes fires. Quantum fires again. He misses. However, you, my friend, do need to spend more time in the armory. Okay, did you just hear that? It sounded like "tra-lot, tra-lot, tra-lot!" I just called Quantum "my friend" without irony, and if I'm not mistaken, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse will be breaking their journey at my apartment. Quantum and P'Tail do some more work at the warp core. Aw, Phlox is dead! Snake Eyes fires and hits P'Tail; she falls, also dead. Quantum fires back and this time finally hits one of the bad guys! Shows what you can accomplish when your lady love is dying on one of your arms. Good thing she's dying on his left arm, right? Quantum lays P'Tail down. And then there was one. Quantum fiddles some more with the core, takes a few hits from another Snake Eyes, fiddles, fires back, fiddles, and is shot full in the middle of his back. Quantum effects a Kirk dying scene, in that it takes a while for him to fall down. He ricochets between the core and the rails behind him before he collapses. With his last dying hand, he does one final fiddle and overloads the third plasma injector. The noise ramps up, and Quantum falls on top of T'Pol. Ahem. What's that Cutting Crew song? "Ohhhhhhhwaaaaah! I just died in your arms tonight." Like I need to ask. I only own the single on tape!

Outer space. Enterprise blows completely to pieces. Damn. It's always very affecting to see a ship called Enterprise get destroyed.

Sickbay. Quantum washed that grey right outta his hair and wakes up in his uniform. Phlox asks how he feels. Quantum responds, just like in the alternate timeline, that he feels like a sh'pod landed on his head. T'Pol's there to say that they cleared the anomalies, and the repairs to the partially damaged nacelle should be completed soon. Phlox tells Quantum he suffered a mild concussion and he'd like to keep him overnight for observation. Quantum agrees wearily. "You could have been seriously injured, I told you to leave me behind," T'Pol reproves. "Fortunately, I don't take orders from you," Quantum tells her, again parroting their earlier conversation, which proves this whole episode wasn't a dream; it was an alternate timeline. T'Pol hands over an e-pad, saying she believes he wanted to see it. "Rosemary's Baby?" Quantum reads. "You were obviously looking forward to it," T'Pol says, "and since you're not going to be able to attend tonight..." Quantum thanks her. As T'Pol leaves, Quantum calls out, "Oh, would you mind bringing me another pillow?" T'Pol stops, turns around, and walks deliberately over to a drawer immediately next to Quantum's bed. She pulls out a pillow and, seeing Quantum lift his head, tucks it under his neck. She walks away again. "Would you turn down the lights just a little?" Quantum asks. T'Pol stops, turns, gives him a look, and adjusts the lights. He's going to ask for a drink of water next, isn't he? "Anything else?" T'Pol asks with ear-pointed patience. "No, that's great," Quantum says, looking at the epad. He hasn't exactly said "thank you" yet, has he? "You know," he starts, and again T'Pol turns patiently around, "You'd make a wonderful nurse." He gives a silly half-grin and settles back in to his pillow to watch the movie. T'Pol stands there for a moment, looks at him one more time, and leaves.

My final defense in the case of Episode vs. Posters is concerning Quantum's jerktitude in this scene. Look, you all are so VERY painfully aware of how I feel about Quantum, but I did feel that this scene was necessary for the writers to show us they were back to she same-old-same-old. To wit, he's back to being the ass we all love to hate. Or hate to love. I will even go so far to say that the writers are fully aware that his character is a jerk, and they were intentionally playing that up in these last few minutes. It's as if the writers finally nodded to us, and either said, "Yes, we're intentionally writing his character as a jerk," or "You all expect him to be a jerk when everything's normal, so here he is." Maybe they did go a touch too far, seeing that the pillow was in the drawer right next to the silly ass's bed. However, I saw a bit of that Kirk-Spock camaraderie where Kirk is an annoying ass and Spock gives him the silent eye-roll. You realize, don't you, that that's the highest compliment I can give? Good. Mark this date in history, for it might not come again.

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