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Twilight in the Garden of Good and Better

We were so blown away by that opening (no pun intended) that we stopped the tape in the middle of the theme song and rewound to watch it all again. Three times. Best part was, we completely lost the theme song in all its tambourine-shaking non-glory.

Quantum, with the grey hair that does nothing more than make him look like Ambassador Soval's twin, wakes up under a down comforter. He gets out of bed, rubs his lower back, and stretches in his bugly futuristic civvies from J. Jill. With sunlight streaming through the window, the room is clearly not on Enterprise, but that damn water polo ball is still on his shelf. Quantum catches sight of himself in a mirror and notes -- with surprise -- the grey in his hair and eyebrows, along with Bakula's own wrinkles that they've been careful to fuzz out in every other episode. Hearing a noise, he wanders out and sees T'Pol with a long ponytail -- which inexplicably makes her look more bald than the bowl cut -- wearing a red wraparound tunic and pants, making breakfast. Recognizing Quantum's confusion, P'Tail comments that he's up early, and says she knows this all seems unfamiliar and she will answer all his questions. When Quantum asks where they are, P'Tail says, with a touch of weariness, "Jonathan, please sit down. I'll answer all your questions." Hmm, "Jonathan." P'Tail tells him it's a big day, and asks him the last thing he remembers. Quantum remembers leaving the Command Center and joining her in a corridor. P'Tail breaks it to him that that happened twelve years ago.

Flashback. In a corridor, Quantum asks T'Pol if she's going to Movie Night, and when T'Pol shows disinterest, Quantum responds with "I can make Movie Night mandatory for senior officers." Didn't he threaten her once before with that "punishment"? T'Pol looks at him. "You'll enjoy it -- Rosemary's Baby, it'll scare the hell outta you," Quantum coaxes. Do Vulcans even have a devil? The ship shakes. Reed, in the captain's chair, reports that there's an anomaly afoot. May-Dead-Again can't take them out of warp, but there are a ton more anomalies ahead, so Reed orders a new course. In the corridor, an anomaly comes burping down the corridor. T'Pol and Quantum make a break for it. They are thrown in opposite directions, and T'Pol's got a large piece of fake bulkhead on her leg. Quantum can't shift the plastic, and metallic sounds of an approaching anomaly makes T'Pol cry that he has to get out of there. Quantum finally gets T'Pol free as the anomaly bubbles toward them. He reaches for T'Pol's hand to get himself out of the way, but the anomaly hits him, ripples the floor, and knocks him out. Amid some rocks from the broken bulkheads. I think it's so funny that rocks and rubble always appear whenever sets on any Star Trek are "smashed."

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