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Twilight in the Garden of Good and Better

In the future, P'Tail tells Quantum that the call was from Admiral Forrest, and she was not looking forward to it. Of course she wasn't, because he's evil. The result of the communication relieved Quantum of duty and put T'Pol in command. "Forrest made you Captain," Quantum says, clearly having a hard time with that. "I guess congratulations are in order -- even if they are belated." "You've congratulated me every day for the past twelve years -- STOP IT ALREADY!" the Delighted Dr. Mathra chortles. P'Tail explains why the parasites still haven't been removed: "Phlox discovered that the organisms are from a domain outside normal space-time. They exist in a state of inter-spatial flux. None of his treatments had any effect on them." Quantum asks what happened with their mission to find the Xindi weapon. P'Tail tells him that they looked for months and finally learned where the weapon was being created. However, the Xindi knew they were getting warmer.

Back to flashback. Two Battlestar Galactica-type ships fire on Enterprise. On the Bridge, Cpt. T'Pol crouches next to a fallen May-Dead-Again. He looks pretty dead. Again. This fails to answer the question: how many times can you "kill" a character before you finally fire him?

A Xindi ship locks onto a docking port, and Snake Eyes storm in. There are shoot-outs. Two Snake Eyes find Quantum's quarters, enter, and look around. Quantum jumps out of the bathroom and fights them. He knocks one out and grabs whatever's handy to do battle with the second one. Do you want to know what was handy? No, not that damn water polo ball -- he uses AN ACTION FIGURE! He plunges AN ACTION FIGURE right in Snake Eyes's throat and kills him! On my bookshelf, Quantini puffs himself up and looks very proud. Until Hunca Munca hooks him down and drags him under the couch to do unspeakable things to him. The Delighted Dr. Mathra called it a Heisman Trophy, but I'm convinced it was a Quantini.

Bridge. Reed announces that they've lost weapons. Cpt. T'Pol squares her shoulders and looks straight ahead, asking, "Is their ship still docked with us?" Reed confirms that it is. T'Pol takes over the pilot's seat and grabs the joystick. Enterprise plus the docked Xindi ship faces off the other Xindi ship. T'Pol guides Enterprise toward the other ship. "RAM THEM!" the Delighted Dr. Mathra shrieks, hopping around the living room. T'Pol, in an awesomely gutsy move, uses the docked Xindi ship as a battering ram and smashes it directly into the other Xindi ship. The collision shears off the docked ship, and the starboard nacelle flickers off. "Both ships are disabled," Reed announces. "Both ships are SLICED OPEN!" the Delighted Dr. Mathra screams, turning purple.

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