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Twilight in the Garden of Good and Better

Cpt. T'Pol's Ready Room. Trip looks at the computer screen and says, "This planet's barely Minshara-class. Mebbe we should've picked one with a little more blue and green on it." Trip wants to take a survey team down to check it out, but Cpt. T'Pol tells him he has to stay on board and meet with the civilian leaders. Trip's confused, since she's the one they deal with. "I'm resigning my commission," Cpt. T'Pol tells him. Trip walks toward her and frowns, asking if she's sure she wants to do that. Cpt. T'Pol explains that Quantum will have to live on the planet and he needs someone he trusts to look after him. Trip asks why she's making such a sacrifice. "I have my reasons," Cpt. T'Pol answers. And all of them have hearts over the "i"s.

Future. P'Tail tells Quantum they disassembled the ships and used the parts to make the settlement. Quantum walks around the room. "At this point you often wonder if you're the victim of some elaborate deception," P'Tail offers. Quantum admits that's pretty much what he was thinking. "Margaret Mullin. You met her when you were twenty-four years old. During flight school in San Francisco. The night before you graduated, you asked her to marry you outside of her apartment on Westgate Avenue. She turned you down. She said she did not want to become a 'Starfleet Widow,'" P'Tail finishes. Quantum's amazed at her knowledge. "Our relationship has evolved over the years," P'Tail explains. Quantum looks nervous. "Exactly how far has it 'evolved'?" he asks. Well, in twelve years she would have gone through Pon Farr. P'Tail doesn't answer, but that hickey on her neck does. Kidding.

A sh'pod lands. Phlox examines Quantum and finds no changes since his last exam. Quantum wonders at Phlox coming all the way from Denobula to give him a check-up. "You didn't tell him?" Phlox asks. P'Tail wearily shakes her head. Phlox says that he returned to Denobula to consider searching for Quantum's Qure. "And consulted with some of the finest neurosurgeons and quantum theorists on Denobula. [Hee! "Quantum Theorists"! Theorists studying Quantum. Shout-out? Maybe.] My colleagues believed there was no way to destroy these parasites, short of vaporizing you in a subspace implosion. They assured me the technology to do what was required did not exist, and they were correct. It took almost a decade to develop and now I'm ready to put it to the test," Phlox finishes. Quantum stares from Phlox to P'Tail as Phlox explains that the energy needed can only be obtained from a warp engine on a starship. "We're going to Enterprise," P'Tail tells him. To vaporize you!

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