Two Days And Two Nights

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Bad Moon Risan

Sick Bay. Phlox plays with a hypospray and says, "Theeeere we go!" T'Pol asks if he's certain. Phlox rolls his eyes: "You can check it yourself if you like, Doctor. The analysis clearly shows he was given benzethonium chloride. You're quite allergic to it," Phlox tells Maywounded. "This should do the trick," Phlox says, hypospraying him and clunking the hypospray on Maywounded's chest. T'Pol looks up at the scans and sees all the orange globules receding back into the green globules. Hope stirs in its winding sheet! Maywounded will not go gentle into that good night! Yet. She tells him his bio-signs are stabilizing, and Maywounded admits that he's feeling a lot better. "Thanks, Doc," he says, turning his head. All three of them hear snoring and look around to see Phlox asleep on an examining table, face-down. A long trail of drool drips down. I'm serious, it really does.

Quantum's Fortress of Furrowtude. Porthos sniffs and whimpers at Quantum's face, and Quantum groans awake. He must feel like a pig shat in his head. He stumbles to his feet and out onto the balcony, where he sees no signs of life at Kayla's place. "Take a memo, Bakula -- Phlox was better at the staggering," Mathra observes. The metal chairs around her patio table are even tipped down. I thought you only did that with cloth chairs because the water can damage them. Quantum leans heavily on the deck railing and looks miserably hungover. I think he should dab at himself with some smelling salts in his lace hankie.

Sh'pod. The four vacationers return. Trip and Reed are dressed in bath slippers with robes draped around their Tick Underoos. Hoshi asks, "What's that smell?" Trip and Reed look at each other. "I don't smell anything," Reed says defensively. Quantum smiles indulgently at them and says, "I'm guessing you two had an interesting couple of days?" "Fascinating culture, sir," Trip says, and Reed nods. Trip asks how Hoshi's vacation was: "Do anything constructive?" "As a matter of fact, I learned several new conjugations," Hoshi says. Reed comments that the Captain looks rested: "Did you get a good night's sleep?" "Went out like a light," Quantum says. "Next time we take shore leave, instead of jest sittin' around readin' books, you should try to git out. Look for a little excitement, meet new people," Trip advises. Quantum smiles and nods. It's amazing the sh'pod can fly at all, what with that Anvil Of Massive Subtext anchored to it.

Next week, the season finale, and the week after that, I'm going into deep analysis.

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