Two Days And Two Nights

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Bad Moon Risan

Bridge. T'Pol -- sitting more comfortably in the Captain's chair than I have ever seen her do before, since she usually just perches precariously on the edge -- gets a call from Maywounded that he's been hurt, is in the Risan hospital, and needs someone to come pick him up.

Shuttle Bay. Ensign Scrunchie Face and Rostov help a battered Maywounded out to the sh'pod. His leg is in a plastic splint, and he's telling them that, while the "fun part" is when the rock face changes, it's not so fun when your handholds are likewise changed. You know when your sweat turns white because it's dried and all that's left is salt? Yeah, well, imagine traces of that all over the skin-tight blue climbing unitard that Maywounded seemed to think it a good idea to rig himself up in. As Scrunchie Face scans his leg, T'Pol asks why Maywounded didn't stay in the Risan hospital. "Have you ever been in an alien hospital?" Maywounded asks. "Yes. In San Francisco," T'Pol tells him. Heh. Maywounded said that the Risan hospital had never treated a human before, and that was enough to have given him the jitters. "I wanted my own doctor," Maywounded says. "Where's Phlox?" Scrunchie Face says he's sleeping, and Maywounded gets fraught with entitlement and tells her to wake him up: "He's got a patient!" T'Pol explains that Phlox is hibernating, and Scrunchie Face tells Maywounded that she can handle his broken leg. Rostov reports that Maywounded was having trouble breathing in the sh'pod on the trip up. Scrunchie Face purses her lips and asks if the Risans gave him anything. "Just a hypospray for the pain, why?" Maywounded asks. Scrunchie Face says it's probably nothing, and she and Rostov support him to Sick Bay. Maywounded throws a totally unnecessary glare at T'Pol.

Cellar of Avalon. Trip, stripped down to his Tick Underoos -- the costume department's certainly getting a lot of mileage outta those -- jerks awake with a shout and finds himself lying down and tied up. But not in the way he wanted to be. Reed, also in his Tick Underoos and also tied up, greets him from nearby. "It's another Trip and Reed in a bottle," Mathra groans. Why is Reed wearing a t-shirt while Trip is in a wife-beater? Trip groans, "I don't know if it was those Risan Mai Tais or gettin' shot, but my head's killin' me!" Reed tells him that they've been down there all night and that no one will hear Trip's shouts, because the place is closed. Trip gripes that he doesn't plan on spending the rest of his shore leave tied up with Reed, and struggles with his bonds. Reed says, "The Vulcan database didn't mention anything about crime." Trip gives him a backward glance and admits, "Well, they said it was very rare." Reed's all, "What the hell are you yammering about?" and Trip says, "Well, it had some warnings but I didn't think it would be a problem." Reed's very annoyed, and Trip takes umbrage at the fact that Reed seems to think their situation is all his fault. "You were willing to follow two strange aliens into a basement!" Reed accuses. "Gorgeous aliens! Don't forget they were gorgeous!" Trip orders him. "They were male!" Reed shouts. "Not at first!" Trip shouts back. Heh. Trip comments that it wasn't hard to convince Reed to follow the strange aliens into the basement, but Reed strategically sidesteps that by saying that if they don't make it to the landing pad in time to meet the sh'pod, a search party will be sent out after them. "Do you want the Captain to find us like this?" Reed groans. Trip eyes his bare shoulder, and they both start struggling harder.

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