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I'm Sorry, Trip, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That

Shran proudly hands over the communication codes for the Imperial Guard, but stiffens when Quantum says that Wilbur will need them as well. "Do what you have to do," Shran sniffs. Quantum thanks him for his coalition forces. "You're not especially difficult to work with -- unlike Tellarites, you understand ethics and you try to live by them." Quantum, sensitive to any hint of criticism of his bountiful and epically heroic nature, snaps his head up. "'Try'?" he repeats. "Well, nobody's perfect," Shran shrugs, turning away so he doesn't see Quantum slump to the floor in a dead faint at this unsettling revelation. Shran looks at Quantum's pictures of the first wooden sailing vessels that are all named Enterprise, and says that his own ship was named for the first ice cutter to circumnavigate Andoria. "Perhaps future ships will be named after our vessels. Especially if we do something historic...together." Yeah, they're gonna set up the interspecies space station called Anvil. "There's no reason our peoples can't become allies," Quantum furrows. There is if you get cancelled! They shake on it.

Drone. Trip and Reed individually try to break Trip free. Val-dor-EE taunts that they will never make it. Reed fires at the door, but not having adequate firepower, nothing happens. Trip plays with isolinear chips, and even without Data's speed, he manages to take the reactor offline. The Romulan Thingies activate the backup system and Trip is getting chemo once again. "I'm still in control," Val-dor-EE smirks. "There's nothing you can do to save your life but follow my instructions."

T'Pol announces that all one-hundred-twenty-eight ships are in position, just as Phlox comms that Quantum better get down to Sickbay pronto. A short time later, Shran comes storming down and stops short when he sees the mourning furrow on Quantum's face. Not to be confused with the "morning furrow" Quantum wears to order his soft scrambled eggs and bacon. "No," Shran breathes. Phlox did all he could. "You said she'd recover!" Shran says, advancing on the doctor. Quantum smoothly steps protectively in front of his doctor and gently says, "Shran." Shran quavers, steps around him, and yanks back the curtains surrounding his dead Indigo Girl. A tube of blue blood hangs next to her. Shran cries. Quantum got his look on his face like, "Shit -- there goes my chance to go down in history! Years from now, no one will utter the name Archer or even connect me with the very first Enterprise ever to sail the skies! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!"

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