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I'm Sorry, Trip, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That

Bridge. Enterprise picks up the drone ship and plots an intercept course.

In Romudelphia, the Romulan Thingies pick up on Enterprise picking them up and activate their holo-skin.

Trip notes that something is drawing a lot of power, and says that they need to contact Enterprise in a hurry.

As Enterprise gets within visual range, they see that the drone has tricked itself out like a Vulcan ship. T'Pol proves that it isn't a Vulcan ship. Enterprise charges weapons.

In Romulaukee, the Romulan Thingies freak and then freak some more when the senator returns with his Reman guards. The senator busts Val-dor-EE's chops for allowing enemies to board and disable the drone. The senator, who sounds a bit like Shower Guy, says he's there to see Enterprise destroyed.

T'Pol picks up human bio-signs but can't get a lock yet. Quantum tries to comm Reed and Trip, who respond that they're both there. Quantum sighs gratefully. I just noticed that Quantum got the same cut in this fight that he ALWAYS gets on this show. That damn slanted cut on his right cheekbone -- it's clearly makeup's favorite wound for Bakula's face.

The Romulan Thingies fire on Enterprise. Enterprise fires back, taking out their holo-projectors and making the drone drop its Vulcan robes. Quantum tells Reed and Trip to get closer to the hull if they have a hope of transporting out.

The Romulan Thingies worry about the ship, but the senator drones, "The drone will escape." Okay, buddy boy.

The drone does some really fancy spin-and-flip flying as Reed and Trip comm that they've reached the hull. T'Pol can't get a lock. The drone targets Enterprise's warp core and her hull plating is dropping. Quantum orders the weapons offline and all power to the hull plating. Here's a question: what use are the one-hundred-twenty-eight ships if they aren't going to fight alongside them? Maybe cancelled ships are useless. Quantum yells at Trip and Reed to "get outta there."

The Romulan Thingies notice that Enterprise is vulnerable.

Reed and Trip open the hatch. "I can't imagine how things could get much worse!" Reed squalls. "I can!" Trip bawls, and they jump into space together. Holding hands.

T'Pol announces that Reed and Trip are clear and then the sensors go down with another hit and she's lost their signal.

FINALLY some of the "Alliance" ships show up to help. Trip and Reed are just hanging out in space as these ships warp up. The energy matrix is fully restored on the drone ship, and it warps out. The "Alliance" ships warp after it. One Vulcan ship barely avoids grazing Trip and Reed. "They left us, you were right -- this is worse," Reed whimpers. Are you really THAT stupid, Reed? Before Trip can admit his undying love for the guy who likes to blow things up, we hear, "Anyone out there need a lift?" Trip and Reed are beamed out.

Reed disrobes and complains about it: "I tell you, I'd like to find the designer of this suit: I'd make him wear it for three days." Did you pee in it? Trip chuckles and thanks Reed for saving his life: "You took a big chance which makes what I have to do all the more difficult." Reed looks concerned. "I'm puttin' you on report," Trip says. Reed's flabbergasted. "You disobeyed a direct order," Trip explains. "I saved your life!" Reed blusters. Trip shrugs. "You put a reprimand in my file, it could be years before I'm even eligible for --" and he catches sight of Trip's face. Trip laughs like Dubya. "Are you pulling my leg?" Reed asks. No, not yet -- there's plenty of time for that lat-- oh, wait. Trip continues to laugh and tells Reed he's an easy target. The boys throw clothes at one another. Soon they are going to hit the showers and there's no rough-housing in the showers!

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