Vanishing Point

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The Inner Light's Pox-Ridden Bastard Cousin

Sick Bay. "So you're saying all of that happened in eight seconds?" Hoshi asks Phlox, who tells her it probably happened in the last one or two seconds of transport. "As your matter stream was coalescing. She seems fine," Phlox tells Quantum. Quantum sits on the examining table next to Hoshi and says, "Malcolm's recommending some new transport protocols to Starfleet -- he's suggesting we start compressing the transporter beam." That might be helpful. Hoshi tells him she doesn't think she'll be transporting anywhere for a long time. "But you said you stepped onto the aliens' transporter by choice," Quantum hints. "I was trying to save Enterprise," Hoshi informs him. "Sounds like you overcame your fear," Quantum psychoanalyzes. It was a dream, you freak. I've never heard of overcoming a fear simply by dreaming that you did it. "It's all in my head, remember?" Hoshi says. "Does it matter?" Quantum chuckles. It does to me -- there's a whole hour of my life I'm never getting a refund on! "You were afraid of getting lost, afraid of disappearing, but you still climbed onto that platform -- real or not," Quantum Freuds. "Quantum's just trying to fanspank the whole thing away. He sat there and listened to Hoshi's story, and at the end, he realized how stupid of a story it was, so now he just wants that hour of his life back too," Mathra determines. Hoshi tells him that if it's all the same to him, she'd rather stick to sh'pods. And Dramamine. "Come on," Quantum says, guiding her off the table. "Let's go to the bridge." He puts up his hand to press the door button, but Hoshi stops him: "If you don't mind?" She wants to open the door herself. To prove that she can. Ugh. They walk off together.

You know what could have possibly saved this episode? Having the whole thing in Hoshi's head as she's hanging out in the pattern buffer, EXCEPT for part where the aliens are trying to sabotage the ship. They could have made that the only real aspect of Hoshi's dream; by virtue of getting trapped in the pattern buffer and becoming one with the ship's inner workings, Hoshi was able to see things regular crewmembers could not. See -- that? Would've been cool. Anyway, to celebrate the imminent release of Nemesis, they're showing a bunch of Trek movies on UPN, so I've come up with a good excuse for this episode: Hoshi was clearly in the Mutara Nebula.

Next week's a repeat, people, so you'll be spared my vitriolic wrath for a bit. Go out and have a drink -- I know I will.

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