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The Inner Light's Pox-Ridden Bastard Cousin

Sick Bay. Hoshi complains some more to Phlox that she thinks she's going all Ensign Ro and Geordi, citing the fact that people are ignoring her, Quantum replaced her on the Bridge, the turbolift had selective hearing, she doesn't like her reflection, and water seems to pass through her in the shower rather than bounce off her. After some lip-service to the transporter being new technology that is natural to be wary of, Phlox takes more scans, again tells her she's fine, and recommends she take a mild sedative. "Mild"? Hell, I just popped a handful of Vicodin and washed it down with a bottle of brandy-spiked Nyquil to keep myself from picking the paint off my walls in abject ennui. "It will help you get a good night's sleep," Phlox explains. Sleep Anvil Number Four is clear for landing. "Phlox should just go over and administer a good hard pinch," Mathra advises. Hoshi declines the pill pop, saying the last thing she needs is medicated sleep. That's the only kind of sleep I like. I wish I were medicatedly sleeping now. Phlox tells her to stop by in the morning. "First thing," Hoshi agrees, and thanks him. She's able to open the Sick Bay doors manually, and Phlox gives her a "See? Told you so" look.

Jazzercise Room. Trip uses that thing I thought looked like something Da Vinci drew. I'm not entirely sure what sort of benefit it has for your muscles. Looks like a job for Dramamine before I'd even consider strapping myself into it. Hoshi apologizes to Trip for flubbing the translation while he was being held captive by the non-bio-sign-bearing aliens. Trip assures her he's fine and not bothered by Hoshi's mental collapse, and then asks if she wants to get on the Vomit Comet. Hoshi reminds him she gets motion sick. And she chose to serve on a starship? That's gotta be the worst kind of air sickness. Hoshi "Dream Date" Sato gets on an arm-pumping machine and confesses to Trip how out of whack she feels. Trip attempts to counsel her, telling her it "seems perfectly natural" to be anxious about being taken apart and put back together again. Except that he's not anxious, so would that mean he's not natural? Hoshi hopes it's just all in her head. "Well, what else could it be?" Trip asks -- showing great concern, according to Hoshi's imagination. "I saw my reflection become transparent," Hoshi tells him. "I saw water pass through my hand. I'm convinced the transporter didn't put me back the way it was supposed to." Have you noticed that I haven't recapped much dialogue this episode? Three reasons for that: one, it sucked; two, it sucked majorly; and three, it was all a variation on what Hoshi just said. "All the king's horses and all the king's men," Trip muses. I wrote a little recipe today called "Shut Up, Trip," and it has one ingredient: a single heaping tablespoon of Shut Up, Trip! "I can see why you might imagine the universe unraveling," Trip continues. "If you're afraid you haven't been put back together right, why assume anything else makes sense. If I were you I'd ask the doc for a sedative -- nothing like crawling into bed." "You men are all alike," Hoshi wrys. Meaning what, exactly? I didn't see that as sexual, no matter how much certain forumites want to read into this "chemistry" -- which is all happening in Hoshi's brain, I might add. Trip tells her that getting a good night's sleep would do her "a world of good," and leaves. Hoshi tries to fiddle with some buttons on the arm-pumping machine, but she can't seem to press them. I think Sleep Anvil Number Five is affecting her with its proximity. She goes to grab some weights, but her hands pass right through them. She freaks and jumps back, and then finds that she can't press the buttons to leave the room. She looks in the extra-large jazz-hands mirror and sees her reflection fade away. "Hold on, hold on! I don't understand -- her reflection is fading but she isn't? So, is she just turning into a vampire by degrees? This really is not making sense. Wait a minute, IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYWAY!" Mathra hollers.

Hoshi sleeps on the gymnasium floor, but wakes up when Trip and T'Pol walk in. "Thank God you're here -- I've been stuck in here for hours. The door control --" Hoshi says, jumping to her feet. Trip tells T'Pol that "she was here last night -- right over there." T'Pol comms Quantum to find out that there has been no sign of Hoshi on the entire ship. Obviously, the whole point of this scene is to tell us that Hoshi's finally become completely invisible. Quantum comms T'Pol to meet him in Sick Bay, and tells them they will not break orbit while Hoshi is still missing. Trip and T'Pol leave. Hoshi runs after them and makes it through the door before it closes. Although I really don't know why she rushed -- if her hand was able to pass right through those weights, I'm sure she could walk through the door while it's closed.

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