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Breaking the Furrow

When a snakeling reports that the humans are no longer on Degra's ship, Dolum suddenly realizes that the Good Xindi and the Andorians are intentionally drawing them away from the weapon and orders his snakelings to get them back to Mega Maid. Wouldn't the snakelings on Mega Maid have commed to tell them they were being ambushed?

Enterprise. The Golden Girls walk through walls and fist vital ship functions. The ship shakes. Trip is frazzled. Phlox tells him to ignore it, since he only has two more minutes. Trip uses the Vulcan Viewer. I hope he's going to wipe it down when he's done, because that skin thing is just...eech.

Mega Maid. Quantum says, "Got it! Two to go!" Hoshi looks apprehensively over at some snakelings shooting and walking right for them. The two snakelings are taken down by an Uh-Oh from an upper catwalk. One snakeling falls into Mega Maid's bellybutton with a very human "Ahhhh!" A gun is put to the Uh-Oh's head. Wow -- that Uh-Oh is so very young! And cute! The Young and Cute Uh-Oh makes a "Dammit!" face and lays down his weapon. He puts his hands up and rises to his feet. But then! He turns and grabs the snakeling's gun! They punch each other a bit and fall off the walkway to a walkway below. There's a familiar slap-pop, and we see that the snakeling has plunged his kwalta blade into the Dead and Cute Uh-Oh's stomach. Yes, I know a kwalta blade is a HUGE sword, just don't email me, okay? The Dead and Cute Uh-Oh looks up at the snakeling, who pushes him over the side for good measure. Aw -- bye, Dead and Cute. The snakeling grabs a gun and whips around to fire at Hoshi. Hoshi gulps and drops her copy of The Magic of Numbers as she ducks for cover. The e-pad falls into Mega Maid's bellybutton. If you have really good eyes, you can see that the book falls open to the page where the two Harvard professor authors thank the Evil Dr. Mathra for being brilliant. There's another shot fired, and it's not until now that Quantum thinks to call, "Hoshi?" She doesn't answer. Quantum pulls himself out of the fluorescent light area and dodges phaser fire. He crab-walks to Hoshi's side. The snakeling approaches them until two legs swing down from above and knock the snakeling square in his chest. Reed drops down to strike a pose before kicking the snakeling off the walkway and down into Mega Maid's bellybutton. This is about where I pulled a muscle pumping my arm in the air and screaming, "YES!" Especially because Keating's got SUCH an AWESOME facial expression here. I think Reed just might be my boyfriend again. Reed comms Quantum that he's pretty sure that was the last of the snakelings. "Good work," Quantum props. "Now get back here!" Can I take it as a shout-out that the sheer depletion of furrows in this episode is automatically going to make me give it a higher grade?

Enterprise continues to fire at Sphere 41. "T'Pol! T'Poool!" Phlox bawls warningly. "All right!" T'Pol freaks, and tells May-Rainy-Day-Woman-#12 to get them out of there. Trip pleads them to wait a minute since he's almost there. "You don't HAVE a minute, Commander!" Phlox growls. "Then give me ten seconds, I'm telling you, I've got it!" Trip shouts, still looking into the Vulcan Viewfinder. Elsewhere on the ship, the Golden Girls continue to fist the ship. "That's it -- time's up!" Phlox growls again. "It shore is," Trip says, and pushes a button. Sphere 41 starts to collapse. It slowly shrivels up like a crushed ball of tin foil. "Now, Mr. Mayweather!" T'Pol calls. Again, there's that "Mister." Enterprise takes off. Sphere 41 continues to shrink down to nothing until it implodes and sends a lightning bolt of energy out. The bolt zaps on over to another sphere and crushes it until it sends another bolt to another sphere. The effects are awesome. I firmly believe that implosion is the new explosion for special effects. On Enterprise the Golden Girls experience hot flashes, but quiver out of the dimension before they can take their Estrovent. T'Pol reports that the network of spheres is being destroyed. "Looks like were getting out of this soup faster than we thought!" May-Cloudy-with-a-Chance-of-Meatballs announces. The lens on the ship is no longer red. Phlox smiles. By the way, Phlox's skin has looked completely normal throughout this whole ordeal.

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