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Breaking the Furrow

Mega Maid. Hoshi gives Quantum some final directions. From memory, it would seem. Reed wonders if it's enough just to knock the power out of the weapon. "We didn't come here to disable this weapon -- we're here to destroy it," Quantum tells him, and orders him to hand over the charges. Reed doesn't want to. Instead of answering, Quantum helps Hoshi up and says he wants the four of them at the outer framework so they can beam back to Degra's ship. "As Chief Tactical Officer," Reed begins. Quantum tells him it isn't open for debate. Reed hands over the charges and, reluctantly, the detonator. Reed just likes to blow things up -- that's why he wants to stay. Reed, Hoshi, and the two remaining Uh-Ohs start to move off. Hoshi turns around to look at Quantum. "Don't worry, I'll be right behind you," Quantum promises. Hoshi and Reed clearly don't believe him, but they leave anyway.

Mega Maid continues to zoom toward Earth with Dolum's, Shran's, and Degra's ships following. Why hasn't Shran taken Dolum's ship out yet? We know he can, since he does it later, so what exactly is he waiting for at this point?

Quantum puts a few charges on important places and detonates them. He then does some more things with the fluorescent light tubes. A warning goes off. Suddenly, we see Dolum crouching behind him. Dolum wrenches the phaser out of Quantum's hand and bellows, "What have you DONE?!" He easily yanks Quantum out of the pit with one arm. Wow. He's strong. They fight. Dolum heaves Quantum towards Mega Maid's bellybutton but, like Luke, Quantum grabs onto some rungs and dangles. Mega Maid rumbles, knocking Dolum off his feet so Quantum has a chance to climb back up. Dolum jumps into the pit to repair some of Quantum's damage. I don't know what he could really do, being that he's one of those bosses who probably can't even operate the fax machine by himself. Quantum kicks at him. Dolum, tired of this game, grabs Quantum's foot. There's a pause before Dolum basically spins Quantum like an old-fashioned doorbell. Cool effect, but I think Quantum would have popped his knee (or leg) out of its socket in that move. Quantum falls back on a dead snakeling and grave-robs his gun. Dolum gets out of the pit and knocks the gun away. They fight.

Shran's ship. An Andorian notes that a Snake Eyes transported over to Mega Maid. You know, from what we've seen of Dolum's micro-managing, it really doesn't seem like him to go over to Mega Maid alone. I figured he'd have sent snakelings on ahead of his exalted and tanned presence, or at the very least beamed over with a team. "Well, let's make sure he has nowhere to go back to. They have no shielding on their starboard engines -- target all weapons!" Shran orders. The Andorian ship knocks the hell out of the Snake Eyes. Finally.

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