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Breaking the Furrow

Bridge. They can't get through to Degra's on the transmission. It's all garbled. Trip keeps calling out to Quantum. T'Pol orders an intercept course.

Degra's ship docks with Enterprise.

Trip and T'Pol arrive at the airlock and hasten to get the doors open. Hoshi is the first person we see, but she's slumped way back against the back door. Reed walks out ahead of her, with his two Uh-Ohs directly behind him. "It's done," Reed says simply, stepping onto the ship. "Done?" T'Pol repeats. "Captain Quantum destroyed the weapon," Reed says wearily. "Where is he? Is he okay?" Trip asks. Trip and T'Pol peer into the airlock. Hoshi walks out, looking like microwaved death. "Captain didn't make it, Trip," Reed whispers. Trip looks like he's about to hit Reed: "Whattaya meen he dinnit make it?" Reed tells them that Mega Maid exploded before Quantum could make it to Degra's ship. Trip and T'Pol look stunned. Hoshi wraps herself around Trip in sad and weary hug. AWWWWW! The cats are still hiding. T'Pol stares at the ground, wondering when she can move her candles into the Ready Room.

An Aquamen ship swallows up Enterprise. T'Pol rents out Quantum's WOTWW. Mr. Man bing-bongs in and tells her the Aquamen will have them home in less than a day. Do they use an Aquanet? T'Pol tells him that she was pleased to hear that the Xindi of the Round Table has reassembled. "It was difficult for the Insectoids to ignore recent events," Mr. Man tells her. "And the Reptilians?" T'Pol asks. "They will join again eventually," Mr. Man says, "They have no choice but to accept that the Golden Girls' promises were empty." T'Pol turns away slightly. Mr. Man assures her that Quantum's sacrifice will not be forgotten, and wishes them a safe journey. T'Pol looks up to thank him. Mr. Man leaves.

Sickbay. Phlox assures his screeching and shuddering cages, "It's all right! It's all right! It won't be much longer, I promise!" I love his shuddering cages -- they remind me of how Hunca Munca freaks when you try to hold him. T'Pol enters and asks if everything is okay. Phlox says his Creature Shop senses that they are traveling in a foreign fashion: "In the belly of the beast, so to speak." Heh, Jonah and that whale -- never fails to crack-a-diddly-doo me up. Since there are no windows in Sickbay, T'Pol wonders how they can know. Phlox has no idea, but doubts he'll get much peace and quiet until they are under their own power. "It'll only be a few more hours," T'Pol says. Phlox asks what he can do for her. T'Pol pulls up a sleeve and shows the portion of her skin that hasn't healed yet. Phlox assures her she'll be fine: "Vulcans are obviously more sensitive to the...mysterious realms." "Iguesswe'renotsotoughafterall," T'Pol stilts. She's repeating her boyfriend's words, you understand. See, that's the sign that you're really into your sig other -- when you start to quote them, especially as it pertains to you. "Excuse me?" Phlox asks. T'Pol changes the subject, and asks if she needs anything to treat it. "Only time," Phlox says, and inquires after the ship's morale. T'Pol says it isn't easy to lose a captain. Phlox supposes they will all need time to heal, and continues feeding his creatures. T'Pol gazes around Sickbay and looks in a corner: "Will he be okay?" she asks. Phlox follows her gaze as she walks over to a droopy Porthos on a pillow. "Not for a while," Phlox answers. Porthos raises his head at their approach. Aw, man! "He's lost his best friend," Phlox says, and crouches down, "but it's just a matter of time." T'Pol crouches as well. "He'll be fine again," Phlox finishes. "Did you hear that?" T'Pol asks Porthos, raising her chin at him, "The Doctor says you'll be fine." Porthos raises his head hopefully. "It's just a matter of time," T'Pol says, trying not to CRACK WHORE out her tears. She reaches hesitantly over and pets him. AWWWWWWWWWW! Hands down, the animals will get me every time.

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