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Breaking the Furrow

Bridge. May-Rainy-Day-Woman-#35 reports that the anomaly cluster has grown. Phlox announces that he punched up his neuro-lyptic compound, but advises they stay in the anomaly for no more than fifteen minutes. As he says this, the camera randomly focuses in on the reaction of an extra. That was weird. T'Pol gives orders: Phlox to release the compound, Trip to charge the deflector, and May-Rainy-Day-Woman-#35 to set a course.

Degra's ship. Quantum logs that Hoshi has made some progress with The Gold-Bug. In Hoshi's room Quantum cryptobabbles about needing to find a certain sequence. Hoshi says she found the sequence, but de-Bob-and-Alice-ing it isn't going to be easy. "Wish I could tell you to take your time," Quantum says, and sits down. "First time you came to visit me in Brazil --" Hoshi starts. "Didn't stop raining for a week," Quantum butts in. Excuse me, but it is really such a good idea to interrupt someone who has just undergone severe neurological trauma? Aside from how completely rude it is, it's probably really easy for them to totally forget what they were saying in the first place. "I had a bug then too -- a tropical bacteria, not a reptilian parasite. I was sick as a dog but I wanted to make a good impression," Hoshi meanders. "When we get back home I'll see to it you get some R-and-R in Canada or Norway -- some place where there's not a tropical bug in sight," Quantum promises. "Or reptiles?" Hoshi asks, gazing up at him. "Or reptiles," Quantum promises, and leaves for the Bridge.

On the Bridge, Three-Toed tells him they are close enough to isolate Mega Maid's escorts' signatures. "The Insectoid ship is no longer with them," Mr. Man notes. Quantum wonders why they -- I guess he means Bug House -- would leave the vortex. Three-Toed has no idea, and says that all they know is that Dolum's is now the only ship escorting Mega Maid. Reed is relieved they have only one ship to contend with.

Enterprise flies into the cheese pizza anomaly, so we're now looking at the Bridge through a red lens. Enterprise looks for the sphere.

Dolum's ship prepares to drop out of the vortex and initiate Mega Maid's firing sequence. Snakeling reports that Degra's ship is less than twenty minutes behind them. Don't you find it singularly convenient that the Xindi use the exact same measure of time as us? Me too. Dolum learns that there are no other vessels around, but there is an unarmed space station.

Dolum's ship and Mega Maid leave the vortex. Dolum demands to see Earth. They get a teeny tiny visual onscreen. "En-laaaarge," Dolum orders. Earth gets a little bigger. "It's a shame -- all that water, the Aquatics would feel at home here," Dolum notes. I have a really hard time trying to decide if he's being totally sincere or totally sarcastic. At any rate, I don't know how "at home" the Aquamen would feel in all that pollution.

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