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Breaking the Furrow

On his ship, Shran McCain says he'll be right in front of Degra's ship, and orders them to keep a low profile. "We're matching speed," Mr. Man calls.

Dolum's ship. Dolum bitches at Snakeling for saying there weren't any human vessels in the vicinity. "They're not human," Snakeling points out. Hee, way to throw the attitude. Dolum orders Snakeling to destroy them. Dolum's ship fires at the Andorians.

Shran McCain shouts that the third torpedo almost got Degra's ship, and orders them to be careful. They come about. Mr. Man says they'll need to get within a kilometer of the weapon. "Just stay below me," Shran McCain orders. His ship shakes. Shran McCain gets slowly to his feet. "Let's fight back this time, shall we?" Shran McCain says in a voice of calm rage. His antennae straighten themselves up. "Bring the forward cannons online," he orders. Shran's ship does a lot of firing at Dolum's ship. "Go!" Shran McCain bellows. "And tell Archer, we're not even any more -- he owes ME!" Shran punctuates that "ME!" with a smack to his chest. It really bothers me that the Vulcans are STILL being portrayed as blasé non-interferers at this point. Think about it: they've been in an arms race with the Andorians all these years, so their weapons have GOT to be kick-ass. Why the hell aren't they here?!

Degra's ship flies off to the now-unescorted Mega Maid.

On Mega Maid, snakelings do stuff. Suddenly, one of them looks up and sees Quantum standing there with Hoshi clinging to his arm. It's kind of horror-movie sudden. Silent with no visual cues -- they're just there. The three snakelings barely have time to react before Reed and his team of Uh-Ohs take them out. Quantum flips one over. Presumably to go through his pockets for loose change.

Enterprise continues to fire at Sphere 41. "It's comin' back -- tell them to keep doin' what they're doin'!" Trip shrieks, referring to the power. Uh-Ohs fire at the Golden Girls, who pass through bulkheads after grinning at them. Yes, yes, we all know you use Polident, no need to brag. Phlox tells Trip it's time to "work [his] magic or everyone on the ship is going to start dying." "No pressure," Trip and I say together. Trip does stuff.

Mega Maid. Directed by Hoshi, Quantum starts twisting fluorescent light cylinders in a certain order. They turn red. Snakelings shoot. Hoshi whimpers, crawls, and shouts out, "I'm all right!" Way to tip your hand to the Snake Eyes, Hoshi! If they thought you were dead, they'd probably stop firing. Hoshi continues to advise Quantum in tremulous tones.

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