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Emily -- Hi, Emily! -- shows up, sits down next to Eric, and asks if he smokes. They have a great little chemistry, very minimalist but very real. "Cigarettes?" he asks, lest we forget for one second that ERIC SMOKES WEED and he says he's trying to quit and she asks how hard he's trying and the long and the short of it is that they duck outside for a cigarette break. And to fall in love some more. Turtle says, "I thought he quit," and Drama says, "Cigarettes, not pussy." Which is kind of funny, I guess. Considering the context. And then Shauna beats him to death with her ugly purse. Well, with the heavy handbag of her stern gaze, but still. This is Shauna, whom we're pretending is very forbidding and sassy. Outside, they're totally cute with their little cigarette-smoking love affair, even though it's L.A. so there's, like, snipers on the buildings waiting to take them out for smoking in public. Or with the assault rifles of their pissy gazes, I guess. They talk-cute and smoke-cute and nothing happens, so they smoke another cigarette.

Inside, Sara Foster (WHO?) is talking to Jimmy Kimmel, and she could not be less distinctive, and Ari appears backstage, talking wolfishly on his cell phone. Sarah Silverman walks by and he smiles at her like a human being would.

Yes, there's no reason to have Sarah Silverman in this scene, except that she's dating Jimmy, except with this show Jimmy might not even be born yet, so she could just be hanging out. And no, she tells no jokes. But I find her personally to be deliriously intoxicating, and this just proves it, because I am glued to the screen the entire time even without the jokes, and nothing happens but in my opinion it's an entirely different kind of nothing than we've come to expect from this show, and they're both very good little actors in this scene, although she acts with the hair a bit much, but she's great. Ari's great. They're great. He can't go into the green room area with her because of a previous situation with Natalie Portman's father (which is gratuitously icky to include in your script, not to mention sort of played), and Sarah offers to accompany him, and he makes a big deal about them going in together and leaving together and she's grossed out ("I take Krav Maga with your wife!") and he explains very calmly that he's not trying to sleep with her, he's trying to sign her, and she's embarrassed, and they go inside together. And you know what? He's lying. Because no agent would sign Sarah Silverman, because even though she's a smart, smart cookie with a bucket full of talent, and gorgeous besides, she once said "chink" on TV. Which I admit, is a bad call, even if you're trying to be confrontational, and I'm sure she hurt people with that, and as a minority you should know better than to say that shit, even though her self-hating Jew material is a lot more offensive (and funnier), but I'm not going to get into that, because the simple point is, no one will ever sign her, which is why hardly anybody has ever heard of her and yet she's still on every single talk show, like, twice a month. So yeah, Ari was trying to sleep with her. But, like, it's Ari? So why go through all this? Because next week things stop being polite and start getting real when something happens with Ari's wife. It's like foreshadowing or continuity or one of those things somebody told Marky Mark they do on TV.

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