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Sara and Vince are now on the couch with Kimmel and he asks them not to hold hands, because of Janet Jackson's Breast. Vince pipes up that they had sex about five minutes ago. (And the crowd goes wild! Can you imagine what that audience must be like?) Vince is pretty cool. He is kind of silly and says that he doesn't want to talk about the movie or plug anything because he's there to see Jimmy.

Back in the green room with the Funky Bunch, Shauna's concerned by this statement.

Sara butts her big old blonde head in and is like, "What about me?" and Vince is all, "I wanted to see you too" and she brings the audience in on it, all, "He's so full of it," and Drama is pleased. And for once that isn't a bad thing, because Vince is actually doing a good job here. Jimmy wants him to set upthe clip , and Vince goes all meta and he's like, "Look, it's a cool movie, go see it." Like he's cutting through the Hollywood bullshit or something. I don't know what he's thinking, but it's all very charming and harmless. Jimmy asks, his index card exhausted, what exactly Vince would like to talk about, and he immediately launches into questions about this mysterious schism between Drama and Jimmy, and Jimmy plays dumb. And then it turns out that Jimmy is dumb, on this subject, because the whole thing happened in Drama's head, and it was actually Drama that fell out of touch with Jimmy. Meaning that Drama is dumb, really, and we knew that. So it's, you know, dumb. There's a lot of audience participation in this blowing of Drama's spot.

Jimmy invites Drama out onstage to "clear this up," and there's a very telling, very neato scene where Drama is about to vomit. He's rushed onstage and completely unprepared and the utter opposite of Vince in every way. Jimmy and Drama make nice, he slaps Vince's hand...

...and we go forward in time to where they're all watching the appearance with the Miutrix and SMOKING POT. POT! And whores! I guess I need to say that Turtle still has the cute hair at this time. On the show, Jimmy asks about their house, and instead of talking about the one bathroom, Drama immediately clunks in the whole sound-system thing and Vince catches on immediately. Vince is like when you see Jessica Simpson and she looks all smart and sassy and cool and like she knows what the words she's singing mean, and then she stops singing and her whole self goes dead and you shiver. Lights out. Vince is just like that, but with talk shows. Vince pulls out the card that says "Rufus at Home Video Solutions is the Best in the Business" and reads it and then Drama pulls out a hat with the Rufus logo (not that Rufus, silly) and they mug for the camera, and the audience goes apeshit, because it is totally hilarious what they are doing. And you know? It kind of is, because they've just laid out their plans, plain as day, including the fact that they don't have their sound system yet, and they're totally whoring for it while saying "We are whoring for it." It's like a David Foster Wallace short story, this, albeit one written by a bright teenager. There's a word for what they're doing, and it starts with a "p" and ends with an "n" and it's not paintin', but I don't ever say the word for what this is. It's very ironic, very funny, very cool. Very Kimmel.

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