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Eric is sitting in a golf cart with Vince now, smoking one of those tobacco paraphernalia things that looks like a cigarette but really holds POT! Classy. Eric's doing the pre-interview for Vince's appearance on Kimmel, since it doesn't make any sense at all for that to be happening. The stories he's coming up with are boring and lame because Eric, face it, is kind of boring and lame. Drama, sensing that there's a conversation that has nothing to do with him, offers Eric the story of the stoned-out Head On craft services girl who blew him after lunch. Even Vince is like, could you try some maturity for a sec? Which is funny, because Jimmy Kimmel of all people would be like, "So tell me about the girl that blew your brother? Was she hot?" before Vince even sat down. Vince giggles cutely as Drama reminds them of his one great appearance on Arsenio Hall, the impact of which is lessened somewhat by the fact that the show was cancelled before the one he taped was aired. Eric continues to rack his brain for something Vince did that was of interest. Like ever. And he can't. Vince is acting really weird here, and Eric points out that this has nothing to do with him, and Vince says they can always cancel, and Drama says that instead of canceling he should just not show up, another secret of his non-success, and I think I see a little of the real Vince when he says, "Why would I cancel, when it's so much fun to watch him freak?" And I like that, it's funny. Like what if this whole pansy-ass no-backbone thing were an elaborate joke at Eric's expense and Vince is like this criminal mastermind, or like it's the longest Punk'd ever. Or how Garofalo said Ann Coulter was really Andy Kaufman. I love that. My theory was that Andy Kaufman came back as gay marriage.

Really, though, it is Vince who is going to freak, because also appearing on Kimmel tonight is Sara Foster. Who? Exactly. She was in The Big Bounce movie. What was that again? Exactly. In a second golf cart, Turtle rear-ends them. Exactly. And that's how this part of the scene finally ends. Vince, I think, broke up with Sara Foster or something, only he didn't break up with her, because he doesn't break up with people. I expect Eric to give a last-ditch Carrie voice-over to tie this stuff, which really does mean to parallel itself, together, but of course it never comes. And I had to wonder, was Vince right? Was it really worth letting things just trail into nothingness instead of giving them an honest punchline? Should he have made things clear with Sara? Should Drama and Jimmy Kimmel have let their love just die like that? Where was all this Kristen stuff headed? I guess we all get rear-ended by Turtle eventually. God forbid this show should aim for the not-very-high bar set by the Original HBO Original Sitcom. It only, like, succeeded.

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