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Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Horses


The Old Man: "Make sure you do your best when you are riding that horse, okay?"
Rosie: "Good idea!"


Twitch: "I have weird family problems."
Wheels: "I have weird Jerry problems. Like I keep wondering where he is, even though we all know where he is."

Chan: "I am absolutely abhorrent."
Jerry: "I am getting there."

The beautiful dealer is named Naomi. She has a soft spot for Jerry, but he can't see it through the fog of his disease. He has some cards of some kind, and Chan has some other cards of some kind, and then Jerry throws a temper tantrum, so I guess Chan has won the game of poker. Naomi gets worried about Jerry acting out, but he calms down.

Chan: "You should come play poker at my restaurant! That way when you get in over your head I can just kill you there instead of waiting around."
Jerry: "That sounds like a good time to be had for all. Can Naomi come?"
Naomi: "There's just something about a disgusting junkie who hasn't slept or showered in five days. Momma always said my poor taste in men would cause me to end up dealing poker to gross monsters like Chan, but in all honesty I think I can fix this one."


Their conversation is tough, because of things like this:

Ace: "...Better uses, some people might say, the money could go to... times being what they are, the system being broke."
Claire: "I wouldn't call the system broke, so much as broken."
Ace: "Right. I guess you could say either word."

Yeah, I guess you could. Old people and their cleverness. The only thing more distracting than the weird way Milch people talk is when it fades in and out like this. Like doing an impression of a thing that is already pushing it.

Anyway, she'll come back later with the budgets, but we're looking at a charitable outlay of about a quarter million.

Ace: "Is there a laundry problem? Do you mind cash?"
Claire: "That's something I... that might compromise..."

But haha! It was just a joke. Which is not really a joke, because Ace is bent as hell and I'm pretty sure she knows that, but anyway, she laughs hysterically and it's very cute. She is such an appealing woman, Joan Allen.

Gus: "I think you can be back here by three when she returns."
Ace: "Unless I kill Dumbledore."
Gus: "Well, don't do that or else this show would be even more pointless. Oh, and Nathan Israel called, he wants to push your six o'clock meeting to 6:15."
Ace: "Will we still be awake then? No, you know what -- tell him 6:10 and no later."
Gus: "Impotent old white men dicking around with young people for no reason? Enjoyable every time."

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